Saturday, January 01, 2005

Happy New Year...Or is it?

Santo Domingo, Jan. 1, 2005

hahaha...I just overheard my brother wish someone a Happy New Year..."another year some more drama". That is exactly true. My drama started already and I didn't even notice it. Go figure!
But you make do with what you have and then push forward, right?

So I drank the Veuve Clicquot and I even smoked a cigarette though I quit a week ago. I kissed my dogs at midnight, hell, life is grand.

My buddy is in NY having her very first special cookies and I am missing the fun. Oh what a sad world this is...But then again, it could be worse. I could have been resident of Phuket (I so get a kick out of that name!) last week. Right now complaining about something so unimportant as are New Year's celebrations is so shitty though considering that 130,000+ people are dead, and so many more lost everything...

I think I might go straight to hell for this one...

In any case, take a minute to go to one of the following sites (or if you can, all the sites) and donate what you can to those people affected by the tsunamis. Start the year off right.

Intl. Federation of Red Cross & Red Crescent Soc.

Association for India's development

Christian Children's Fund

Doctor's Without Borders


U.N. World Food Programme

In any case, it doesn't matter where you give, as long as you do.

Back to the mundane.

I WANT A NEW YEAR'S KISS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'll admit it. I didn't get one. Unless, of course, you count my dogs' slobber all over my face. Now although that was good lovin', it wasn't exactly the kind of lovin' I was hoping for. So to make up for it, I am celebrating the Chinese New Year this year AND Rosh Hashana, just in case. And I better get a kiss both days!

Actually, I want a year filled with lots of affection of all sorts. I want to have a year kinda' sorta' like 2004 but with more money, more good times, and without sadness, or heartbreak, or anything like that.

I want to be happy, and I want everyone to be happy too.

I want everyone to get their New Year's kiss.
And what's more, I want a new year without drama, without stress and with lots of love.

Happy New Year!


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