Tuesday, January 25, 2005

some people suck

November 25, 2004

Dan came over last night and brought Charlie, his new dog, so we could be properly introduced. Although I was originally against the idea that he should get a dog because he is a very busy person with a very active social life, after learning that he had adopted a grown dog (he is 3 years old) who is relatively house broken, I feel more at ease about the whole thing; especially now that I know him.

Charlie is awesome!

Charlie is a something-or-other-bull-terrier (I forget). He is black with some white spots.

dan & charlie

Anyway, Dan adopted him from the
ASPCA last week. According to the people there, Charlie was seriously abused by his previous owner (he has plenty of scars to prove it) and had he not been adopted, he would have sooner or later been put to sleep.

That is so sad...all of it!

How can someone be mean to a dog?? Last night we were playing with him, and he is such a lovable (and loving) dog! We liked each other immediately. I can’t imagine why someone would feel the need to inflict harm to such a helpless creature that can do nothing but give love and companionship! People like that suck. Actually, they don’t suck. They deserve to be in the ninth circle of hell.

I think that people like Dan, who adopt dogs with a history of abuse, are heroes. And I am not just saying that because Dan is my friend. Very often, dogs that have been mistreated can become violent because they have never learned that it is possible for people to be good to them. They see people as the enemy and as a result, they are often afraid, which can make them aggressive. Dogs, like people, have feelings and they learn from experience. It is great when good, loving people can take care of a dog that has never been taken care of. The same goes for the adoption of children, but I won’t get into that now.

Anyway, when most people think of getting a pet dog, they often want a cute new puppy who has never been previously owned (I was one of those people- every dog I’ve ever had, joined my family before they could even bark properly), and they don’t think that there are plenty of dogs out there who need a loving home. After learning what I have from Charlie, and giving this a lot of thought, with this posting, I would like to encourage anyone who is even considering the possibility of adding a new “member to their family” (a dog or a cat), to explore the possibility of adoption. You can get information on this at your local chapter of the
ASPCA, as well as at your local PETCO, and/or any animal shelter.

By adopting a pet, you are making a huge difference in a helpless animal’s life, if not saving a life. If I had more time, more money, and more space I would go and adopt a pet (well, a dog. I am strictly a dog person), but since I don’t, all I have left to do is hope that good people who can have pets will choose to do so and make a difference in a life that way.

As for Dan, well, you rock ;)


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