Monday, February 14, 2005

About The Gates...

So I went to see The Gates in Central Park this weekend, and as cool as the whole idea seemed (you know, 23 miles of Park space covered in orange), I think that the whole project was over rated. It was a very original idea, I have to give props to Christo and Jeanne- Claude for that; however, I think (and some people I spoke to about it agreed) that it would have been a far more aesthetically pleasing experience had they selected a better color or a variety of colors …But then again, this just might be because we don’t like orange.

In any case, if you can, you all should go check it out-after all, this was a project 26 years in the making, and what’s more, even if like me, you don’t really like orange, it gives you an excuse to go out and enjoy the park.

Oh! and once you are done with that, you should head on over to my new favorite fast-food eatery: Better Burgers NYC. The food is fabulous, healthy, and it looks deliciously junk-like.

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