Thursday, March 24, 2005

damn the man!

A year ago today I met with a CPA as I was clueless as to how to do my taxes. I had never filed them before and to be truly honest I really thought that there was some kind of tax fairy who would come into my room while I was sleeping, collect my W-2 and 1099 Forms and fill out the paper work I would then mail to the IRS who would in turn send me a big fat check I could use to buy me the LV Murakami bag (bear in mind this was last year).

Well, a year ago today I met with a CPA who proceeded to fill out my paperwork for me and then caused me to spend the following four hours locked up in my office crying hysterically because I could not believe that I would have to pay THEM thousands of dollars that I simply didn’t have. That day I quit my job (but my boss didn’t accept my resignation), that day I puked in a public bathroom (I really hate public bathrooms), that day I went to the gym and ran 15 miles without stopping (I couldn't walk normally for 2 days).

The next day though I had to mail my checks, and I did; but I couldn’t get over the fact that the IRS was screwing me over. So I did what every normal person would do in such a situation: I met up with Gaby and Amy (who were both in town visiting) and I went to get something pierced. Then we went to some Mexican place in the village and I had a margarita.

April 15 is coming up and all my forms are just sitting on my table waiting for me to get to them. Although this time around most of my income had more than enough money taken out for taxes, I am still EXTREMELY concerned about those 1099s. I am also EXTREMELY worried that I will have to get something else pierced and I am slowly but surely running out of body parts to pierce!

But at least now I know that if worse comes to worse, the IRS now accepts Visa.


mrsmogul said...

yuck tax time! I used to do the EZ forms. YUMM the Mexican didn;t happen to be Benny's Burritos was it?

Robert W. said...

Don't fret tax time, just get the extension and relax! I am curious about what you have pierced though.

Chokomokolatura said...

Ditto on Robert W's comment.

mahiar said...

hi linkexchange please link

Gabemaster said...

Death and taxes... Yeah I agree we wanna know what you got pierced. ;)

annush said...

maybe i'll tell you some other time... :P