Monday, March 14, 2005

Manic Monday...

I don’t know what it is about today, but I’m seriously bothered by it.

It could be because it’s Monday. That in itself is pretty bad.
It could also be because U2 tickets sold out in like 2 minutes.
Maybe it is because I feel like I have no privacy.
Then again, it could be because I am sick and tired of being cold and having to wear these damned turtlenecks that make me feel like I’m being choked.
It is possible that people inviting themselves over to my place and taking over my existence is the cause of my annoyance
But it is more likely that the reason is that people just take and then give nothing.

I need to get the hell out of NY.

Sure NY is a cool place to live, and I think that everyone should live here at least once, but I, who was never too crazy about living here to begin with, am beginning to really hate this place.

I think I am going to start looking for a new home…anybody have any ideas?


Reda said...

If people is the problem, just try to go away a little. Meet new people or try not to contact the actual ones. the annoying ones.

Edwin R. said...

Well I'm here if you need anything... and I'm certainly not the one to take advantage of your good food or drinks... I'd make a deal with you before I hit the fridge... the LV bag for free food and drinks!! :P
Un Abrazo!

Gabemaster said...

Yo tambien estoy aqui y te prometo que seria yo quien traeria la comida, un chimi no estaria mal. Jeje hablando de eso si un dia no tienes nada que hacer y se te antoja algo de comer latino bueno, los MEJORES sandwich Cubanos que me e comido EVER ( Y e comido muchos). Estan en la 138 Y broadway Right off the 1/9 Train. Y eso que yo no vivo en guashington jaits y an havido veces que e cojido para alla solo por esos sandwiches. Te los RECOMIENDO.
Y ahora pensando en otra cosa creo que los blogueros del rel ring en NY debemos hacer una reunion. En Janto Domingo ellos aprovechan los conciertos de Janio Marel Y Alex para juntarse nosotros aki deberiamos hacer la primera reunion o algo asi, Edwin como lider de Dominican bloggers ponte en eso....Just thinking or blabbing.

Annush se te quiere de grati y como te puse una vez si ahi algo que pueda hacer si necesitas alguien que te escuche o simplemente un hombro de apoyo no pienses dos veces en dejarmelo saber.:)

annush said...

Un chimi?
Bueno esta jodon eso porque como tu sabras (o quizas no) yo no como esas cosas. Yo nada mas como pollo o turkey (white meat only), y definitivamente no como cosas fritas. Tampoco como pan blanco. Definitivamente la comida latina y yo no ligamos.
Pero si por casualidad tu sabes donde yo puedo conseguir un buen dulce de leche ya eso es otra cosa :P

Gabemaster said...

Y quien dijo que el Chimi era pa ti???? Era para no ir y limpiarte la nevera JAJAJAJAJAJAJa. Just Kidding.Hehe lo del Dulce de leche te lo averiguo. :)

annush said...

ademas, did you know that i am not a member of the domincan blog ring?
E.R. doesn't want me to join!

Edwin R. said...

Hey Annush... have you ever seen the movie "How To Loose A Guy In Ten Days"? You know the part where they are out on the patio playing that game with his family? What's it called???? Ahh Yes... BULLSHIT... =)