Sunday, May 08, 2005

When in Rome (or in the QM2)...

The last 24 hours have been by far the most eventful of the entire trip. Although I lost Ivan early on in the day, it was okay as it gave me an opportunity to hang out with the elusive parents.

Oh what an afternoon...

The highlights: the most amazing couple, 2 bottles of Veuve Clicquot, a whole lot of strawberries, and 0 (yes, zero) arguments!

The ship finally reached a stability I feel comfortable with and for that I am super grateful.

While I was waiting for my parents at one of the many bars on board, I was drawing when I spotted this couple who looked like they were in their 70's and looked like teenage lovers. It was beautiful. I went over and talked to them for a while and talked them into letting me document their 62 year old relationship in a picture. I was having a "notebook like" moment.

and they still hold hands...

By the time I got to my parents, my inner romantic was out full swing and I loved the world and everything in it. I was all about celebration. I was a bit worried about drinking anything other than Perrier due to the sensible state of my stomach, but it was fine. Though I don't normally drink anything at all, we ended up at the champagne bar, and well, one thing led to another...hehehe

Did somebody say champagne?!?!

After dinner we met up with Stephanie and Ed after they finished working and we all went to the ship's disco. Though for people like us, who have been in some of the world's hippest clubs the place was conducive to suicidal thoughts, we had a pretty good time. It proved our theory that it's not about where you are, but the company you are with.

Stephanie, Me and Ed

We had some more drinks (I went back to Perrier after I was done with my parents), and then we danced the night away. Ivan and I even won a dance contest doing the twist! hahahaha

Twist and Shout!

I mean, I wasn't surprised. We were probably the only people there other than the employees, who didn't have arthritis. I'm sure that gave us an edge. But whatever. WE WON!!!!!!

Today I am on a mission to catch up with my picture taking. I've posed for so many portraits and pictures for other people (apparently i'm a novelty of some sort) that I've lost all the desire I might have had to pose for pictures of my own, but today I've turned a new leaf and I'm all about pictures and fun and I don't care if I fall overboard, I am going outside! though, I am going to kareoke :)


Pia Talks said...

I'm jealous. Sounds relaxing; sounds fun. I'm even jealous of all the old people. Oh I'm just jealous of people getting away and not getting sick and relaxing and let me not get carried away

FedUp said...

I can't wait to see your will post some right?