Friday, June 24, 2005

I don't drink much but when I do...

Once again, as stolen from Libelula:

Your Virgo Drinking Style

Hey brainiac, you are compelled to impose order onto your bender.
Your famously fussy quest for purity could lead to drinking less than other signs, sure...
But it could also lead to drinking booze neatly (like sucking down organic wine or having extreme brand loyalty).
You rarely get fully shellacked -- but, oh, when you do!

Virgo's controlled by the intellect, but there's an unbridled beast lurking within, and they let it loose when walloped. It's dead sexy (and surprisingly unsloppy). As one Virgo friend used to declare, "I'm going to drink myself into a low level of intelligence tonight." A toast to the subgenius IQ!
Your Signature Cocktails
Many Virgos prefer clear, simple, untreacly drinks like vodka tonic or a real margarita, though you can be found drinking anything from unflinchingly downing Cuervo straight to smirkingly ordering a dirty virgin. You also tend to like bitter, low-alk guzzles like Campari and soda. However, you rarely change your signature drink once you've found it.
Your Celebrity Drinking Buddies
Cameron Diaz, Hugh Grant, Keanu Reeves, Nicole Richie, Bill Murray, Jada Pinkett Smith, Adam Sandler, and Ricki Lake.


mw said...

How absurdly insightful. I don't drink often...and when I do? Vodka baby - straight and simple.

~the other virgo

Jeff said...

I've joined a gathering of Virgos! Good thing I brought a bottle of wine! I drink more than I should, probably, but I keep telling myself the red wine is good for the heart ... and so is the chocolate!

dan said...

"I'm jusht a social drinker," you slur, "it's jusht that I'm so damn social?"
You love nothing more than to party, mingle and relate to everyone.
Whether dipped in favor of Good Libra (with Insta-Friend device set to "on") or heavier on the Evil Libra side (you are little instigators when bored), you can really work a room.

I wish it weren't true but it is. Or at least it was.

Matt C said...

haha. i've joined the virgo drinking collective also!
I don't drink as much as i used to.