Friday, July 08, 2005

and the world makes sense again...

Sometimes is easy to get excited over little things. Today is one of those days. Out of an act of boredom and desperation yesterday came something that has the potential of being a life changing experience. Though yesterday at this time I didn’t know this, I really want this to happen.

I guess things really do happen for a reason.

It really annoys me that I can’t use my blog to say EVERYTHING that I sometimes want to say. Just this morning I was reading this article about people who have gotten fired over blogging and here I am seriously considering writing about something that could potentially get me fired…hmmm…though maybe being fired smack in the middle of summer wouldn’t be such a terrible thing…

I should REALLY stop having those thoughts.


I am really surprised that my little “I hate apple” post got so many people upset! In all fairness, I probably should have elaborated a little on the topic. Frustration got the better of me though. In any case, what happened was that I was having a million and one problems getting my iPod to work. Two weeks ago, it decided to take a vacation I guess and no matter what I did (or what the support site told me to do) nothing worked. It didn’t help that yesterday was probably the WORSE day ever!

Imagine this: I got woken up at like 5am by a friend who was wondering about my brother Gus’s well being.

It went like this:
*phone rings*
me: *yawn* *look at caller ID-number unavailable (Fuck!)* hello
her: hey babe did I wake you?
me: no, I’m usually in the habit of being awake before the sun comes up!
her: I’m sorry…I just wanted to call and ask you if Gus is alright
me: why don’t you call him and ask him? I can’t believe you called me for this…
her: I did but calls are not going through
me: what? What’s going on?
her: there was a terrorist attack, didn’t you hear about it?
me: HELLO! I have been sleeping! But wait…what kind of terrorist would go attack Santo Domingo?
her: what?
me: what what?
her: isn’t he in London?
me: not since june. Why? Was the attack in London?
her: yeah!
Me: in that case, this conversation can wait until my alarm goes off. I’ll call you when I’m conscious.

That didn’t set the right tone for the rest of the day. (By the way I feel terrible about what happened and it took a while but I found all my people over in London and everyone is okay)

Anyway, this morning I woke up at my usual time but instead of doing my yoga, I tried AGAIN to get it to work and when I saw that nothing was happening, out of sheer frustration, I took the iPod and I threw it across the room. When it hit the floor I guess something happened because now it works better than ever!


I spent two weeks trying to fix the problem by treating the iPod like it was special or something, when all I should have done was treat it like any old appliance and beat the hell out of it. That never fails!


Grant said...

Another problem solved with percussive maintenance. I love my iPod, but it does have it's moments. If normal resetting doesn't work, I found a solution that completely reset (and fixed) mine. I left it running until the batteries completely died, then recharged and reset it. Also I recommend giving it a name so it knows you care.

mrsmogul said...

Thanks for your concern yesterday. It's okay to say what you want, but your bosses don;t know you blog do they?

We just got the new white Ibook G4 and we love it!!

About the conversation, the guy was just concerned and you were just tired. It's ok!!

K said...

My iPod did the same thing. One road trip it just stopped working. So I charged it up, nothing. I hit it, nothing. I left it alone, nothing. Then one day it just started working again. Stupid thing.

I wish I could say all I wanted in my blog also. It's so hard.

Anonymous said...

Ha! Ipods are just like men when u treat them nice they dont work with you, when you treat them like shit they are at your every beck and

Libélula said...

Mmmmm...Maybe AI should throw mine across the room too...

Rob 3:16 said...

a lil' violence always seem to make
things that seem complicated work ;)

Mona Buonanotte said...

You just discovered the meaning of life! Thrashing the stupid things!

dan said...

Regarding the iPod, there's an old expression we have: if in doubt give it a clout. Works for me.

mw said...

This brings back a memory I must share. When the (then) new G4's came out we had a few at work and the guy in charge of the network was called in one day because one was acting up. He's 3 feet from my desk so I hear it all. The tech support guy tells him (i find this out after he hangs up) to rap on the side of the computer with an open palm. What I overheard from my friend was "Are you telling me to bitch-slap the computer?"

Kiki A.Ortiz said...

q bueno q todos esten bien annz..

si el no pesara yo le doy un estrayon asi a ver si se arregla..jejejeje

un beso

Weary Hag said...

Your post cracked me up. From the phone conversation to your iPod epiphany. Great stuff.
Sadly, this repair system doesn't work with kids. (noooo, I've never thrown my daughter against a wall... but instinctively, I know it wouldn't make her clean her room)

Nice writing.

Anonymous said...

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