Monday, July 11, 2005

had he not been Republican...

New York- July- 2003

I went out on my best first date ever. It was also a blind date so that’s saying A LOT.

Through some kind of freakish accident on a day like any other, I ended up emailing back and forth with Kristhina’s boyfriend’s best friend. Despite Kristhina’s warnings (she knows me too well), he ended up asking me out on a date and after two weeks of scheduling conflicts we went out.

Because we are both Kristhina’s friends, we each came with a built in recommendation letter. There was a chance that we could both be psycho, but we were both aware of the fact that there is a limit to the psychosis K will put up with so we weren’t worried.

We met.
We liked each other.
We had a great time.
We got in the car.
The boy turned out to be a Bush loving/ pro-war Republican.

End of story.

New Jersey- K’s X-mas Party- December, 2003

First sighting of Republican boy since “the date”.
Few minutes of awkward conversation.
I didn’t look as hot as I should have.

New York- K’s bday Party- April, 2004

I looked SO hot!
Republican guy acknowledged said hotness and bought me a drink.
Republican guy kissed my hand.
We agreed that we’d be friends.

New York- K’s bday Party- April, 2005

I show up at the party in leather mini skirt, black boots and a red turtle neck.
I had a date.
Republican boy was sitting across the room with his new “girlfriend”.
They both looked equally Republican.
We flirted from a distance.

New York- July, 2005

Republican boy got engaged.

I guess he hasn’t lost his touch…
I don't know why I care.


Mona Buonanotte said...

I'd much rather flirt with Liberals...they're SEX-AY!!

lccb144 said...

found my way to your blog through michers...

republican boy might have been temporarily interesting (to argue with ) but in the end you just want to prove him wrong (and he IS wrong)

Vince said...

Stay friends with him so you can brainwash his Republican offspring.

Reda said...

you care because he was kind of ideal. His only mistake was being Republican.

JaG said...

What a way to end a date.

Weary Hag said...

See? That's why I shouldn't be so ignorant about politics. I probably never would have ended up married to my first or second husbands. :)

Rob 3:16 said...

ahah, funny post ;)
republican's are so uptight and closeminded, i dated a republican girl back in 99' and she was born and bred to be a republican (since we were only 18), funniest 3 day weekend of my life :P

Paranoid Android said...

Every british person I know says Bush is a lunatic who needs to be stopped at all costs, but every british person I know votes for Blair. Which is scary.

Libélula said...

My first boyfriend and I met when we were only 16. We dated for a year and 2 months. When you’re that age, you really have very little clue of who you are. You haven’t finished defining yourself yet. We met the other day for a drink and started talking about nothing and everything. Turns out the guy’s a raging homophobic who says they’re the work of Satan, and extremely close-minded in every aspect imaginable!!!

Shit, I used to think maybe I had made a mistake before, but now I see it was the best thing that could have happened!!!

One's political or religious preference is important when choosing a partner…even a friend. If someone’s as passionate as something you’re obviously not, you could encounter a problem…so, you’re better off sweetie…Republicans are dull anyways!!! ;-)

mw said...

I snorted at the double-entendre "bush loving." thanks for a chuckle.

Pia Talks said...

I know some liberal women who married Republicans--passion all the way; those political arguments turned into great sex

Then there's the opposite--Mary Matalin and James Carville

But I think that they're few and far between, and I'd hate to be married to a Republican today (or any day come to think of it. But I'm at my worst married.)

Anonymous said...

You're better off..republicans and democrats dont mix.

Allen said...

let him go republicans can be quite straitlaced...until you catch them doing what they say they deplore....i lean more to independent even though am a registered democrat...

Gabemaster said...

Annush I predict that sooner or later you will become a Republican, or at least will see the light and stop being a liberal.

Remember what Sir Winston Churchill said
(and I'm paraphrasing here):
If you are under 30 and not a liberal you have no heart and if you are over 30 and not a conservative you have no brains.

Rob 3:16 said...

in the words of chris rock: "there's some shit I'm conservative about and then there's some shit I'm liberal about"

example : Sex--Liberal

LocuTus of Borg said...

Ah first dates .... course I don't think I have EVER talked politics on any date even after the umptenth one. That is funny story Annush =)

WonderCorky said...

you crack me up.

are you kidding? you worry about his political leanings? That's like worrying about if he puts the lid down.

but from what I can tell, you won't have any trouble attracting what ever you want. so, have fun, be young and just enjoy every freakin day you have.


Toad734 said...

Youre a closet Republican arent you

Toad734 said...

Republicans always get married so young.