Wednesday, July 27, 2005

What's that you say Mrs. Robinson?

After work last night, Dan and I went to “our spot” in the park. “Our spot” is not really “our spot”, it’s just the place where we end up every time we go for a walk after work. Anyway, while we were there I got to witness first hand how it is that guys with dogs pick up chicks. Too funny. Though all the distractions while I was trying to tell a story were kinda’ making me wish that he would somehow turn gay.

But I must admit that there is nothing sexier than guys with dogs and/or babies.

Guys have it so easy!

If I happen to end up with a guy who has a cute dog (or child), I’m going to lead a very stress filled existence. I can tell!

Anyway, while we were having a deep, meaningful discussion as to why Harry Potter _____ with _______, it occurred to me to ask him if I looked any different to him. Well, I do. According to Dan, I’ve gained a few pounds.

Had any other guy said this to me I would have ripped their head off. But it was Dan. And he loves me (in a healthy, non-sexual way). And he wouldn’t have said it had it not been true. So after our little park experience, I walked home and decided to quit sweets until my birthday.

Must lose those 5 pounds.

Shit! I shouldn’t have had that munchkin with my coffee…

This heat has me all sorts of confused I think.

This morning, while on my way to work, I saw this boy who must have been about 17 years old. What a beautiful-beautiful creature! He reminded me of every boy and every quasi-man I have ever either gone out with or just fancied. So hot! In my distraction, I forgot to turn and walked two blocks in the wrong direction. Oops.

But who can blame me? He had that tormented soul vibe going. He could have been a writer/ photographer/ painter/ singer/ bass player/ DJ/ Xtreme athlete and God knows that those are the boys who make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Seventeen is definitely a little young for me though. I don’t care if I look ten, and I don’t care that when I’m 100 he is going to be 91. The fact of the matter is that I don’t think that dating a younger man is the way to go for me.

Though from what I heard today, a certain guy I spent some time with back in December is only 23. That broke my heart. I’m still in shock. All this time I’ve been thinking that he was 25 like everyone else I know but nooooooooo he is 23. I’ve been so dramatic about it that I think I gave him a complex. Oops.

But he is a tri-athlete and he is actually pretty smart so can anyone blame me?

Rationalizing. Bad bad sign.

Also Bill, an old acquaintance from SG, has moved to NY to pursue an acting career. We’ve been e-mailing and I’m pretty excited about seeing him (he is DEFINITELY 25+ - though I don't intend to date him). Jenny is coming Friday night for the DMB show Saturday and on Friday night we are all going to Stir and then Turntables on the Hudson. It will be like a little SG reunion but fun. Awwwwwwwwww So much to look forward to!!!

Anyway, I need fluids so I don’t get all dizzy and faint again. Ciao!


K said...

I could never give up sweets!!

Enjoy DMB, I'm a bit bitter. Pics must be shared if you can please.

Men have it so easy, that should be in bold dear. lol

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

That is soo funny. You know men use anything within their reach to pick up a woman, even if it doesnt belong to them. As for the 23 yr old guy, dont fret it happens to the best of us, i remember when i was about 18 I was dating a guy and later found out (during his b-day) that he was turning 16! I almost lost it. I did continue seeing him b/c he didnt resemble every 15 yr old he acted very mature for his age. We were together for 3 yrs.

dan said...

I usually date much younger women but it always goes wrong when I can't keep up with them at night clubs.

I ouight to learn my lesson.

Grant said...

"Guys have it so easy!" - Ahh, ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha haaaah. Good one. :)

Bracuta said...

Having a major "Friends" flashback here...
The episode where Joey and Chandler take Ben out for a stroll (with the intention of picking up girls) and ended forgetting him on a bus...
The episode where Monica was having steamy sex with a guy, only to find out he was actually a high school senior and she was the first girl he'd done it with...
Anyways, I've dated quite a few younger men and I can tell you this: you don't know what you're missing.

henry siteber said...

As a guy I have to tell you that it is really really hard for a guy not to fall for a female friend, especially if she is attractive. I remember falling for several friends and never telling them anything because I prefer to have them as friends than nothing at all. Your friend Dan may be different, so be prepared.

Odisea Burbujas said...

Hmmm ... My first boyfriend was three years younger than I was ... and never again will I go out with a younger man! ... Not just because I'm with boyfriend, but because it was not cute being called a cradle robber by your bitches and homies and afterwards I felt too self-conscious about it.

El chico del apto 512 said...

Nobody ever goes for the guy with the goat or the donkey. Women are so materialistic.

Mona Buonanotte said...

I'm married to a younger man, and all I can say is, DAMN! They do keep their stamina! BTW, even though happily married, I do gush uncontrollably at the site of a man with his child. Awwww!!!

midwest_hick said...

hmmmmm.....I'm wondering why you think guys have it so course being a guy...I'll never admit too being easy....or is that a different topic?

annush said...

K- I promise you that if we take 1 picture that I will share it with you!

Dan- You should learn your lesson (or befriend RedBull)!

Grant- Guys do have it easy...I don't know why you are laughing.

Bracuta- Not interested in what I'm missing. This is a personal policy.

Henry- Dan and I have been best friends for about 10 years. I don't think we have to worry about that anymore.

Tomas- On the most part I like artists. Generally they are too broke to even have a goat.

Midwest HIck- GUys have so much choice when it comes to finding women! Women on the other hand....

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