Wednesday, August 31, 2005

American Idiot

On the most part, I try to avoid reading the news because I have a serious issue with the fact that it’s all bad news. Lately though it seems like bad news has escalated to horrible news and I find very unsettling to know that through all this we are counting on pretty much nobody to take care of us as a nation.

In the past week, Hurricane Katrina hit south Florida and caused unprecedented damage in Louisiana and Mississippi. As I type this, many are dead, millions are homeless, the economic loss can’t be quantified, and two states have pretty much sunk.

Now all over the news is the announcement that President Bush is going to cut short his vacation so he can oversee the federal efforts in both places. We should all thank our lucky stars.

According to the Washington Post, as of August 3, 2005 Bush had spent 319 days in his ranch in Crawford, which is roughly 20% of his Presidency to date. This does not include the time he has spent at Camp David or at his parents’ retreat in Maine.

Some leader we have.

During this latest vacation of his, gas prices have gone over the $3 mark, some lunatic has been going on TV asking for the assassination of a head of state which these days is called terrorism, a woman has been asking for answers as to why we are still at war, states are suing for lack of funding for the No Child Left Behind law, states are taking environmental protection in their own hands and this is just the stuff I can think off the top of my head.

But of course, nothing could possibly be more important than bike riding with Lance.

The average white collar American worker spends between two and three weeks a year on vacation. In this group are included heads of corporations and other big shots as well as those of us in average jobs doing average things. It doesn’t make sense to me that the person with the most important day job in the world, one who was for better or worse ELECTED to be responsible for the lives of millions of people and is collecting a paycheck paid for with tax payers dollars should be yee-hawing in Texas when he should be in his office in DC taking care of business!

I guess we really should thank our lucky stars that absolute destruction is enough to bring him back to the White House, even though the way the news are portraying his return we should all feel bad that he got cheated of two days of vacation!

Some of you may say “but at least he works from wherever he is. It is after all the age of information”. To this I say, bullshit. Telecommuting is not the way to run a country. Besides, what kind of impression are we giving the world by having a President pretend that he is running the country from a ranch? As a public relations executive I can say that this gives the world the wrong impression…as if it’s not bad enough that he is a moron as it is!

And while I am ranting about the Bushes, let me just say that it seems like hypocrisy is running wild in that family because if this war is such a noble cause, why haven’t the twins enlisted in the military? What’s more, if Jenna wants to help those afflicted by AIDS and what not, why go to Africa? As good Christians they should know that charity begins at home and God knows that there are orphan children with AIDS here in the US and that if she thinks that poverty exists only in Africa maybe she should take a little trip to the South Bronx which is by the way the poorest Congressional district in the US.

I hate the times we are living in and what’s more, I hate that we still have another 3 years before the Bushes get out.


Jonas said...

I know, it's like the poor bastard had to give up his vacation to help the country that he is supposedly in charge of. He is such an embarassment to this country it is not even funny. The other democracies of the west are laughing at us because it is almost inconceivable that the leader of the free world is such a self righteous jackass.

What's even more unimaginable is that 50 million Americans voted for him. That is why, I think in 20 years, we will discover there was voter fraud in the 2004 election. There has to be. No way Americans have become so dumb as to not be able to recognize the incompetence of this man. NO WAY!!

KARAKALA said...

And the beautiful thing about this whole ordeal is that Congress knows that this war is down right the stupidest mistake this country has ever made. But like the saying goes, "history repeats itself." And this country is surely reaping what they have sowed.

These sudden shifts in nature, people, and the world in general should wake the public up that something grand and horrible is coming our way.
I don't mean to sound pessimistic, but something worse than Katrina is coming. And the world should be prepared.

Three more years of the Bushes will bring great disaster to the entire world. Just wait and see.

Odisea Burbujas said...

Great post! I agree with you 100% ... I wish I lived in Canada, this country has become an embarrasment and it's only getting worse.

Tank said...

Hey Annush,

I totally agree with you, Bush is by far the worst leader of a major power in the world today and though you rant about his administration and the effects it's having in the US it's not only there that it's had a drastic impact. The lack of good leadership from the Bush administration is being felt all over the world.

Why is the price of oil over 70$ a barrel? Why is there still a war going on in Iraq? Why are there people living in some of the richest countries in the world barely able to survive?

We in North America have the ability to do so much, the potential is there but for some reason the war in Iraq is still dragging on, causing oil prices to climb at an alarming rate which will in time drive the cost of everything up. Its a sad state of affairs we live in and I wish we had strong leadership in the countries that can make a difference.

Great Post Annush!

Valkyrie said...

I wonder if his brother Jeb Bush is going to run for President...

Now THAT's a scary thought.

I know there's been some discussion as to whether or not to change things to allow people to seek a third (or more) term...and that alone puts a white hair or ten on my head.

Grant said...

I tend to disagree with you wanting Bush to personally show up and help. I think we're better off with him at the ranch "telecommuting." When I heard he was planning a tour of the flooded areas in Louisiana, I thought "Well, all our problems are solved now." :p

Don't forget, 2005 is 2/3 over so it's not really 3 full years.

Bob W. said...

Well looking at both sides...Hmmmm

Its not like Bush is doing anything different then most who succeded him. Most presidents spent the same length of vacation time away from DC, But Most were not in a war and or economic disaster either?. Plus really what does Bush care? Its not as if he needs to get re-elected.

And to think that most of the nation was appalled at Clinton just because he got a little Head in the oval office. Now it doesnt seem so bad considering what we have.

Pirate said...

Annush, Now that Bush only has to glide his nappy ass out of office without any obstacles who would you suggest we start elevating for the position in 2008? I personally am sick of the whole party thing and feel we don't get anything different regardless what side of the aisle the President comes from.

I know you think I am a Bushie but you would be wrong concluding such. I thought he was a better choice between poor choices. But what should we do?

Should we find someone from the blogworld? Reality TV? Sports? Hollywood? Maybe a social revolution would suffice and we could pick someone from those left standing?
Because if you think (and I am confident you do from the posts you put out) that anything would have been different with Gore, Clinton, Kerry or my mom something tells me it would not have.

Peace and I hope you are gfetting the candles ready.

Maine said...

Good grief, was Bush still on vacation? For six weeks? And, like, during the most tumultuous six weeks possible? This is what I never understood about the whole thing...

A lot of Bush supporters said they liked him because he represented the common man and that he had a real human air to him. They go to work, go to church, love their God and their family, and they saw that in George. But... how many of those people are allowed to take a six week working vacation? What's so common about that? I'll never understand why anyone that's pulling down less than 100K a year would love him.

He's, like..., mocking them! He hands out bullshit and rhetoric catch phrases every week, and answers different questions the exact same way! Like, for example, he's going to look at this disaster, say "This is a horrible thing. This reminds all americans that life is precious and that we need to come together and blah blah blah," offer up less disaster relief than is needed, then go right back to funding his war. It's in print - hold me to it. But all of the supporters are just going to hear the speech and see the cowboy and think, "That's enough. He's a hero." What a joke.

I can't wait to be 40 years in the future when the benefit of time and retrospect will cast the last 5 years in the comically tragic light they should be in. The next generation is going to pound us with "What were you thinking!?" until we all die.

Er... excessively long coffee-fueled rant over.

Walter said...

Bush? Yeah, he's a four letter word.

Robert_M said...

I love it when you're fired up! Preach sister, I'm so with you on this

Dip Me in Honey said...

Coming from a so called third world contry myself, i was shocked when the fuckwit was "reelected" in the first place. I think it was the darkest hour of democracy(for the worlds biggest economic power).

Shocking, how an entire nation can be so oblivious to the in-house terrorist. I was almost thinking of writing to our premier requesting for sending Literacy aid to the US.

Dip Me in Honey said...

I can't believe some of the comment i c here. What are we doing making excuses for an absolute idiot.

None of the other presidents had to deal with war or economic disaster because they were wise enough not to bring it upon themselves.

Nothing excuses the head of a Superpower of the world to be on vacation in tumultuos times even if he is "just a better choice among bad ones".

what kinda ppl go around bombing the homes of their influencial freinds which by the way helped them to bomb the homes of some other influencial freinds a few years ago.

Bushes : excellent recipie for disaster.

Mona Buonanotte said...

Hands up, how many think Bush will go back to D.C. and push through some anti-woman legislation and anti-child legislation and anti-workingfolk legislation, hide it under the disaster of the hurricane, and continue pocketing hand-outs from his rich friends?

henry siteber said...

It's nice to see I'm not the only one frustrated by our state of affairs. What's worse is knowing that it was the american people who asked that this poor excuse for a leader be in office once more.
Would Gore or Kerry have been better leaders? that we will never know, but I certainly hope whoever is next will make up for the shortcomings of Bush.

mrsmogul said...

I know!! Don;t get me depressed. Blair should be out on the streets too! He's just as wicked!

dan said...

If it makes you feel any better, Tony Blair, extreme cocksucker that runs this crappy island I live on (okay, so the queen signs the acts) has just got back from Barbados.

Most politicians suck and the ones that don't have their mouths shut.

aBitWicked said...

Im not american, but i dont like bush either...

how come he was re-elected?

presidents tend to be morons in suits..

i need some vacations!!

its thursday dear, forget about the bad news and think about the weekend.. i know that keeps me going.. i guess...

petrow said...

Done and done, my fav so far for postings, it was only a matter of time when people statred to realize that they had a idiot for an american leader.

El chico del apto 512 said...

Go BUSH!!!

just kidding :)

schuey said...

at least you don't have to cope with boring Europe politics... We don't even have someone to hate (Chirac is just to much of a joke to be counted)

Me said...

Hope the crisis will be over soon...

Libélula said...

Bad news are all over the world...I used to read the papers every morning before work. Now I do it later in the day cause I don't wanna get pissed and/or depressed so damn early in the morning.

AVA said...

Those pictures look awesome tocalla :)
You're someone who definitely knows how to have a great time, so relax, have fun, celebrate your birthday and please don't watch the news this week!!