Thursday, August 04, 2005

DMB at Randalls Island- pics

Good news:
It took me about a week but I finally got that Fun Saver developed.
Bad news:
None of the pictures we took after it got dark came out.
REALLY bad news:
The good pictures were taken at night. *sigh*

If you absolutely must see more pictures, click here.


Gabemaster said...

Annush in a bikini top, Yeaaaaah!!!

KARAKALA said...

You have great friends and a fun life.

Enjoy it to the fullest.

AVA said...

Nice bikini Annush!!
you seem to have had a great time.

Grant said...

Send the following letter to the DMB:
"Dear DMB,
None of my night pictures taken at your concert developed well. Please come back and throw a repeat show for free. I promise to use a better flash next time.
Hugs and kisses,

Jonas said...

Everybody's happy
Everybody's free
We'll keep the big door open
Everyone will come around...


henry siteber said...

For what is worth, most good digital cameras can't handle night photography either. So even if you had a digital instead of a fun saver, the pictures still wouldn't have turned out well.

WonderCorky said...

great pics.

I am... well... I think I'll keep those comments to myself..

but ... yum.. is enough to say.

nice 'kini.

glad you had fun and too bad about the night pictures.

I took some out in the yard last night and not one of them came out. The concert was good.. mostly bug noises. stars were out. and it was still hot. I rush the pretend stage.



Ailyn said...

very cute annush. looks like y'all had a fun time

midwest_hick said...

As long as ya had fun....the pictures don't count any

Chelle said...

ey que cul, ese es carlos H., me le mandas saludos... DMB is awesome