Wednesday, September 07, 2005

What goes up must come down.

I'm back!

Actually, I've been back since yesterday but I haven't had neither the time nor the inclination to write. For that, I apologize. It's just so easy for me to get out of the habit of doing things and it's been almost a week since I last wrote.

Anyway, enough with the excuses. My trip was wonderful. For the first time in years both of my brothers were around for my birthday, my mother threw me a lovely dinner Saturday night with some of my closest DR friends and then on Sunday I spent the day at Aura (the beach). I came back well fed, with slightly shorter hair, and with this ridiculous tan! While at the beach, I forgot to turn around so the front of my body is nice and red where as the back is not :) Also, my bday gift to myself was a new pair of Chanel sunglasses and well, while at the beach I forgot to take those off...hahaha

Being away gave me some time to stop thinking about all the things that are going on here. It has occurred to me that were there to be a terrorist attack right now anywhere in American soil, and that might just be the end of America as we know it.

I find it hard to believe that we were so unprepared for hurricane Katrina that it has turned into this mess. I am also shocked at the Federal response to the disaster. They are all pointing fingers to each other and blaming the bureaucracy and apparently they forget that Bush didn't decide to come back from vacation until Wednesday, meanwhile the city flooded on Monday. They also seem to forget that to go start a war in Iraq didn't take this long, and that to appoint the other idiot what's his name as US ambassador to the U.N. didn't take this long either and it was done without the bureaucracy.

I don't know if I'll go so far as to agree with Kanye West by saying that George Bush doesn't like black people, but I will say that he sure as hell doesn't like the poor folks. Reading the news yesterday and reading the remark his mother (former First Lady Barbara Bush) made about how evacuating the city improved the situation of some of the evacuees because they were so underprivileged I was shocked that anyone in their right mind would say that. But that's evidence of the kind of household he grew up in and the kind of values he has.

I know that had Katerina happened in NYC, which gives the federal government billions of dollars a year in taxes, this would be an entirely different ball game. Bloomberg wouldn't have to swear on National TV or put out desperate SOSs because things happen here and people take notice.

Also, look at all the international aid being offered that's being turned away as if we don't need it. Cuba offered 1,500 doctors (some of the best in the world might I add) and medicines to be sent over here. I don't' think Bush ever even responded. As if all the sick people are being taken care of. As if we couldn't use the medicines. All because Fidel Castro is a communist and there is an embargo. It irks me! This could have been the beginning of something good but the Bush pride stands in the way. I wonder if it's also standing in the way of accepting Chavez's offer to send cheap gas/oil...

I think that more and more this country is acquiring some really bad karma...


Weary Hag said...

First... happy happy belated birthday! I'm sorry I missed wishing that on time. :(
I agree this country appears to be run by a bunch of screwballs. More and more people across the globe are comletely floored by the goings on here this past week. Sadly, this could reflect on the American public, which is a crying shame because the typical American is more than ready and willing to offer a helping hand to our fellow citizens at any given moment. It's sad.
I'm so happy you had a fun time for your birthday. Great news that your brothers could both enjoy it with you.

Glad you're back.

KARAKALA said...

Happy Birthday Annush... Que cumplas muchos mas.

The only thing I have to say about Katrina, it couldn't have happened at a better time.

I do feel sorry about all those people who were left with nothing, but God slapped the U.S. government in the face with this one.

God showed them that He is still in control, but Bush and his idiot squad do not get the message. And forget about the war, that disaster is a done deal. They asked for it and now thousands of our soldiers are dead and counting.

Plus, add the dead from Katrina's wrath or should we say God's wrath. And forget about the government response, that's all for show.

Now time is ticking. And it's only a matter of time when something else truly happens to this country. Who knows... only God and time will tell.

*Good to have you back miss lady...

Grant said...

Thanks for helping point the fingers during the aftermath of Katrina. Lord knows we don't have enough people assigned to that task already. If we could just get people to stop donating money and time and join in the lambasting effort, this would all be solved in no time. :p

My mother lives in Tennessee, and she reported TEMA (TN's version of FEMA) was loaded and ready to go almost immediately, but was left sitting around with truckloads of supplies because everybody was fighting over jurisdiction. I think that was the biggest problem - not that we don't have the resources, the people, or the will, but that our leaders feel the top priority in any situation is to establish dominance. Sorry to disagree with you, but if you think NY is free from beauracracy, I think you baked in the sun a little longer than you realize.

Happy birthday, tho. Any chance we can get you to post a picture of yourself with your new sunglasses?

K said...

Welcome Back! We missed you. Celebrate your Birthday for the rest of the month.

I've been doing my best to help the evacuees here in my town. The stories I'm hearing are sad but these people are moving forward.
It's terrible what happened and I pray it never happens to anyone again.

_android[ette] said...

_K, sad thing is that it happens daily all around the globe. Not natural disaster per se but everything else & the people that could make a difference just choose to look the other way & even sadder is that I don't think we will learn over this.

On a happier note Annush: Happy Belated Birthday!

What happens when you forget to take your sunglasses while tanning? "Skin sunglasses"? If so, how do you fix that!

_android[ette] said...

_Oh & Grant this: "not that we don't have the resources, the people, or the will, but that our leaders feel the top priority in any situation is to establish dominance" is just what I thought.

mw said...

happy bday...glad it was a happy time. I turn 19 + 11 this Sunday - yuck!

grody jo-dee said...

chanel sunglasses...that's a birthday gift i highly approve of! post a pic please :) so i can enjoy them vicariously. (because chanel just doesn't work with kids trying to rip them off and put them on)

Tank said...

Good to hear you had a good birthday weekend. And I agree with you that the whole Katrina relief has been so bungled by the Bush administration that this will be yet another disgusting blemish on their record.

Many people criticized Clinton for his acts of infidelity during his administration but at least his administration was productive. I am sad to see the state of affairs in the US and I think that the next president won't be a republican... It'll take years to restore the nation to what was a very esteemed place in the global community.

Rob 3:16 said...

Happy Belated Birthday!!
shitt i forgot as well...and you were here in DR! :o

Tek said...

First, Happy Birthday. I really enjoy reading your blog.

I agree with you about everything going on in the US. The response to New Orleans was poor, but we can't forget about the people in Mississippi or Alabama. You were exactly right about if it happened in NYC. Bush, I don't think hates blacks, but he sure doesn't like the poor.

SA-Eric said...

More than an attack I fear a major Cali earthquake could end the America as we know it. We can't handle a war and a flood. Any other major event would prove too much.

WonderCorky said...

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I don't believe in karma, or predestination or predetermination or preejaculation or preemmince front

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Libélula said...

It really is a shame what's happenned down there...The images are just herat breaking...

AVA said...

Happy birthday dear tocalla. Un abrazo muy fuerte!!!

Kiki A.Ortiz said...

un beso de bday y bendiciones pa ti..atrasadas claro.

ytu sabes q pienso del asunto aquel..bueno no lo exprese,pero al comparar los argumentos queda claro que ..vaya ,no se ni como decirlo..

q pena no saber decirlo.

schuey said...

how many times do we have to wish you a happy birthday ??? ;)