Saturday, November 26, 2005

Wholesomely yours, Annush.

** This post is for all of those around me who care far more than they should.

I don't like to have to repeat myself too much. What's more, I don't like to have to justify myself to people because on the most part I really couldn't care less how people feel about the things I do. On the most part, people should find comfort in knowing that I would NEVER hurt anyone on purpose and that if I do something (stupid though it may be) it is because at least at that very moment it feels like the right thing to do. Since I have been here, people who are complately alien to me and my existance have felt like they had a say in my life and how I live.

Well I am sorry if the way I live MY life affects you in some way, color, shape or form; however, I don't intend to change for anyone else's benefit so rather than criticize what you don't understand just ask me the logic behind it. There is always reason behind my madness.

Here are the 6 most popular issues I've encountered this past month along with their explanation. I hope that will suffice.

1. Why are you a control freak?
I have learned that the things I can control usually turn out better than those that I can't; as a result, I try to control whatever I can and obsess over those I can't. It's a Virgo trait. I don't know why people act so surprised.

2. Why don't you gamble?
I don't like casinos. Never have. I think that gambling is stupid. No reason for me to even expand on this.

3. Why are you "anti-social"?
I am VERY sociable; however, there is a time and a place for everything. It's bad enough that here I see the same people at the gym, at the store, at the gas station and at the restaurants. I don't need to go see those same people in other locales.

4. Are you anorexic?
I AM NOT ANOREXIC. This one really pisses me off. I worked very hard to get to where I am now. So I am skinny...big deal! I am extremely healthy and that counts for something. Who cares if I don't meat, or rice, or fried food. That's part of my lifestyle not a deliberate choice I made when I sat down at your table!

5. Why are you such a prude?
My whole life I've been called many things but NEVER a prude. I don't drink every day of the week. So? My liver appareciates that. I don't do coke whenever I go out. So? God knows I have enough energy that I can totally do without. I don't go out every night. So? I like to be home every once in a while. I don't fuck every guy I meet. So? I am trying to avoid STDs.

6a. You are such a snob...
This one goes along with #4. I am not a snob. I like nice things, I like good things and I work to pay for my guilty pleasures. If you have an issue with what kind of food is in my fridge then don't go snooping in there. If there is something of mine you like, rather than talk behind my back about what a horrible person I am for owning the item in question, ask me if you can borrow it. Chances are I'll say okay. I don't waste money or resources, I am generous with what I have, and I try to keep a low profile. What else do you want from my life?

6b. Must you be such an intellectual snob?
I am neither an idiot nor an airhead. As such, I take pride in knowing that my direct circle of friends are people who share my intellectual curiosity as well as my appreciation of books, culture, travel, etc. I'll be nice to everyone, but don't expect me to surround myself with people who can't enrich my life in any way just because it will buy me brownie points in the sociability scale.

I'll write a happy post tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

This is what really get me upset...when you write, you expect people to leave you comments...but then you deleted it becasue you don't like people telling you the truth?!

I've never putted you down..I only say that you need to go shooping because you keep wearing the same blouse are rich, that's what rich girls do. Go for it! and I am sure you will have fun.
And I also said that you need a different hair style...It looks boring with your smile. And you do have a beautiful smile.

Happy Holidays!


Grant said...

What? You don't eat rice? *sniff* I thought I knew you. :p

annush said...

Jean- People telling the truth iso ne thing, but you are not telling the truth. YOu should read the captions of the pictures. I have worn that top TWICE in my life. Once a year ago for Thanksgiving, and the other one for Yvette's masquerade bday party. Get over it.

As for my hair, I am sorry if you don't like it, but I do and I don't intend to change it.


Valkyrie said...

I agree with you; a person has to live their life how they see fit. I'm happy doing things the way I want to rather than how my family would see me live.

I may be broke, I may not be comfortably ensconced in a marriage and/or relationship, but I am happy being me.

That's what counts.

andre said...

"you are rich, that's what rich girls do. Go for it! and I am sure you will have fun."


Libélula said...

"To be yourself, in a world that’s doing its best night and day to make you like everybody else, means to fight the hardest battle which any human being can fight...and never stop fighting" (E.E. Cummings)

Just be you. If someone doesn't like it...Tough!

quico said...

Can not believe you are actually dignifying that comment annush.

"Pero ven aca..."