Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Happy Birthday :)

My blog turns one today.

I've been thinking about this momentous ocassion for a few days now and I don't know if I should be happy or sad about it. I created this blog during a time in my life when I felt like I wanted to talk forever but words just weren't coming out. In my mind, keeping a blog was a good exercise and perhaps this is the reason why on ocassion my writings can be so personal.

Never did I think that a year later I would still be writing here. Although I am a creature of habit, I am often very hesitant to share so much about myself and yet, the habit I've created of writing on this platform has allowed me to not only bring out in the open the few skeletons I have had in my closet, but to learn to be okay with them.

I can now see why people find blogging therapeutic.

Because of this blog I have learned how powerful the written word is and even lost a friend as a result. Apparently, it is not the same to say something as it is to write it. It is okay to verbalize bad thoughts about people but not okay to share them in print. In retrospect, I am glad this person is out of my life because I have never been a fan of hypocrisy and if I can think it, then I can say it and I can write it.

Thanks to this blog, on the other hand, I have made some great new friends, met some fun new people, and found some people I may one day want to meet. The world is a big strange place and through my blog, people who are somehow connected to me but who I have never met have been able to find me or maybe "find" is not the right word because I am sure that they weren't looking for me, but "discover" perhaps. They don't know this (now they will) but my life is better because of them.

Since May (when I discovered the counter) 30,808 people have visited my blog (though it could have been 1 person visiting 30,808 times). Although I don't write for anybody else, to everyone who has ever taken the time to read my ramblings and to offer me advice and provide me with laughter and even to call me ugly, I wanna' say thanks. It's good that someone else likes it too.




Bracuta said...

Happy Birthday Annush's blog! Thanks for being here this whole year! What would I have done without you? (A bunch of things, but let's not get into that). Most of all, thank you for helping me get to know your owner (I am talking to the blog, not to you, Annush). One finds friends in the weirdest places (and one also finds weird friends in places).
Anyways, congrats once more!


Jonas said...

It's a good blog. Well done and Happy Blog Birthday!

Grant said...

Happy Birthday, blog! Stick with it, Annush. Don't leave us, or we'll come stalk you in person. :p

ducklet said...

it's amazing to me that so many of the blogs i read turned one year old this month. i wonder what was going on in Dec. 2004 that so many folks needed the therapy of the written word...

happy blogiversary!

RKR said...

I'm so glad you've been around for a year. It's been my pleasure to read your posts and therapeutic for me to read your struggles because they helped me so much with my own. Later girl, Happy New Year!!

Tank said...

Happy 1 year! It always surprises me when I realize how long I've kept my wee little blog up and running. Have you ever gone back and read some of the first posts you made?

Keep the writing up and we'll keep reading.

AVA said...

Happy Blog B-day my dear friend. I've always enjoyed coming here and reading a piece of your mind everytime.
I'm thankful for knowing you, and I hope this blog lasts for many many years to come :)
Merry Christmas!!! (a little belated I know, but I just came back!)

Cindy St. Onge said...

Happy Birthday to Annush in the Sky with Diamonds (formerly An Angel's Cloud)!

Here's to a long run of happenings in Annushland. Thank you for sharing your life and thoughts with me and all who read here.

Gabriel said...

You welcome, I'm always more than happy to call you ugly :P Juuuust kidding

Sammy said...

Happy blogbirthday Annush... for the one person who has visited 30,000+ times.


schuey said...

happy b-day

Libélula said...

Happy B-Day to your Blog! Well, I met you through here and I am so glad I did. Love you lots, mana!!!

Tim Rice said...

Thanks for the privilege of reading a blog by you. And you're right, blogs are therapeutic both for the ones that write them and the ones that read them. Hope you had a good vacation at the beach in the Caribbean. And happy New Year!