Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Keep on swimming...

I really loved Finding Nemo. That is probably one of the sweetest movies ever!

I think I caught the bird flu. Probably not but I sure feel like I did. Since Friday afternoon my body has practically shut down. I can barely think, I can hardly eat, my body feels like it weighs a ton and as if that wasn't enough, I look like freaking Rudolph.

I've never been an attractive sick person.

Despite my illness I've been spending a lot of time hard at work preparing for my anatomy presentation tomorrow. Even though I got screwed in terms of the partner I was assigned, the topic is at least fairly interesting so doing research hasn't been as unbearable as it could have been. We are working on pheromones in humans...cool stuff. (if any of you know anything about that worth sharing, please email me!)

But spending so much time on the internet is bad. At least for me. I get distracted very easily and not only have I spent time researching pheromones, I have also spent time chatting, on MySpace, and my newest bad habit: buying stuff online. I knew that it was only a matter of time before I caught Lili's bathing suit obsession, but I did. Now I want this, and this, and this one too! I also NEED** jeans because apparently I don't have enough, maybe a dress or a skirt or simply something bad!

The last thing I need now is to turn into a shopaholic...

Other than that, there is nothing new to report. This coming weekend is a long weekend here...I think I need to go finish recovering somewhere where there are frosty drinks available 24/7 and lots of sand and water... :)
**"Need" as defined by Yvette L. is anything that you REALLY want.


Elle said...

You are in Med school, you deserve to spoil yourself. If you *need* it, get it!

Mona Buonanotte said...

Now the news is saying the fish in Sydney Harbour are all poisoned. I hope Nemo and his kin all made it back to the 'big waters' without becoming too toxic.

Feel better, honey!

Luzbeíta said...

Cuídate mucho para que te mejores pronto, un gran cariño!

Gabriel said...

Well, to deal with that bird flu you also need a Michael Jackson style surgical mask. Now I wonde...will chicken soup be good for someone with bird flu?

AVA said...

Well dear, you should have made this list before Christmas and maybe we would have all sent you something :)
How about making an Amazon wishlist and letting us know about it? I think it's still a while till your b-day but it would be of use, really!
By the way, that is the prettiest picture in your avatar, I love it.

Grant said...

Oh no! You have the Asian bird fru. I'm sick today, and I probably got it from you. Darn you! Darn you all to heck! :p