Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Bullies suck!

People who abuse power suck.

That said, I've had the longest week EVER. I can't believe that it's only wednesday. The only thing that promises to make this hell of a week better is Madonna and the Gorillaz opening up tonight at the Grammys. That makes me all warm and tingly inside :)

Grant sent me an ecard today in celebration of National Rebel Day. HA! I didn't know I was a rebel or that such thing even existed...I thought that was too cute. But I do feel like somewhat of a rebel today because badass defied authority and I came out victorious. GO ME!

That goes to show, DON'T MESS WITH ANNUSH...grrrrrrrrrrr :)

My Chemistry teacher, or I should say former Chemistry teacher, had been harassing me for the past 5 weeks. The man decided that he was going to make my life a living hell, which he did, and little did he know that he would awaken the devil inside me in the process. I have never been one to go down without a proper fight. In any case, on Monday when he announced in front of the class that I was going to fail the class before I even took a test, I decided that I had enough. Him calling me a cheater and a slut I could handle but I DO NOT FAIL!

So I filed a harassment complaint. He didn't seem to be expecting that.

Yesterday he called me 17 times (literally) to tell me that everything that happened didn't really happen. Apparently not only is he seriously disturbed, he is also dilusional! If you are going to harass a person and don't want to be caught, you should not call them 17 times and most importantly, harass them in private not in front of 20 other people. Seriously!

Anyway, he wanted me to meet him today so we could "talk about our differences". I agreed, but before the meeting I took my cell phone with all the calls saved to the person who was handling my case and met with the coordinator of the Chemistry department in my school. They decided it would be best if my meeting with the teacher included them as well. I was okay with that.

My meeting was this afternoon and I have never wanted to punch someone in the face as much as I wanted to punch him then. The guy lied and lied and lied and then at some point he got confused and started telling half truths and basically towards the end he tied his own rope. He tried to make it into a situation where it would be his word against mine thinking that my word wouldn't be worth as much as his but luckily, and he didn't know this, I have always been an excellent student and have never so much as dropped a class. My recommendation letters speak volumes, and I am just THAT lovable :)

I argued my case and won without having to say very much.

I feel good about today. It's happened to me in the past that someone has screwed me over because I let them but I am too old for that. I like to think that these past number of years I have grown and learned and acquired a kind of confidence in myself I never had before or maybe I just didn't know I had.

It would have been better if it hadn't come to this. If he had understood that I found his behavior inappropriate the first time I said something, right now I'd be studying for my Chemistry test tomorrow instead of writing this (in my new class the test is on Mon). But he didn't. Apparently in some people's vocabulary NO doesn't mean NO.

It's a good thing something can always be done...


Annina said...

I have so much to learn....ha!!!! congrats flirtushka!!!!

Grant said...

You go girl!

Okay, that doesn't really work for me, but at the risk of sounding patronizing, I'm proud of you. :)

Mona Buonanotte said...

Way to go, sistah! Good for you for standing up to that bullying ass!

AVA said...

Esa es mi tocalla! You did what was right. Still, it's a shame you had to go through through that. I am angry!!