Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Dr. Brian Weiss

So today Bracuta informed me that Dr. Brian Weiss would be signing his books as part of the promotional effort for this week's lectures on regression therapy. As you can probably imagine, I was so excited about that I nearly flipped out.

Well, I kinda' did.

Of all the days that I could feel the urge to go anywhere, today I was a pedestrian. My car has been taken hostage by my mom and by the looks of it I'm going to be a pedestrian until I turn 40. But I digress. I had no car and a very important place to go to so I harassed practically everyone I know (not really just like 3 people) until my angel, Annina, volunteered to take me :)

Wow! that was so cool...My impression of him from his books was that the guy was smart, scholarly and somewhat more enlightened than the rest of us. I even cosidered taking an extended trip to Miami, where he has his practice, for the sole purpose of going to therapy with him. Meeting him was entirely different from what I was expecting.

We spoke briefly about his work, and the upcoming lecture and the guy was just radiating peace. He is very calm and has a quiet demeanor. An older man, he has a head covered in white hair that makes him look wiser than the rest of us. That may or may not be the case, but still, Annina and I left the book signing with a sense of peace that came from the peace he was radiating.

I was very impressed. If perhaps this morning I was still hesitant to pay US$150 to hear someone speak for 4 hours, after our little chat I felt like US$150 was nothing and wanted to pay it right then and there (which I couldn't do, so I'll do it tomorrow).

Today was a good day. I wish I had studied for my anatomy test...


Grant said...

No pop-ups today. Yay! Did you clean up your template?

How much would you be willing to spend to hear me talk? 'Cuz I is, like, so much smartier than he be. I'll bet he don't mention Giant Atomic Chickens even once in his prezentashun.

mrsmogul said...

I LOVE BRIAN WEISS AND READ ALL HIS BOOKS! Years ago I saw him in NYC at a lecture. He made the whole audience regress. I imagined myself as a viking warrior..too weird!!

Buffy said...

I had a friend recommend this guy to me just last week....for reading...not therapy.