Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Friend of the bride.

If I had to obsess over anything today, I think it would have to be over the fact that Bea is getting married. On a Thursday.

Why? Oh Why?

Since Bea announced her engagement last November (or October...hmmm) the world has become a creepy, strange place. Considering she is probably one of the closest things to a sister I have, her joy is my joy and suddenly every single "when I get married..." she ever mentioned in my general area has become an important piece of information. Like a clue in a great big mistery novel: Bea's Wedding: How's it Gonna' Be?

As far as I can remember, we couldn't go to
Casa de Campo or Altos de Chavon without a visit to "her church". She wanted to get married on a Saturday in this really old, really cute, really small church overlooking the Chavon River. Her guests would be her family and 10 of her closest friends with a reception to follow at our villa in Casa de Campo.

When Bea got engaged, everyone remembered this plan and in true fairy tale fashion we figured this would be it and got in the midframe that it was necessary to help her make it happen because this was a little girl's dream that had to come true.

But then, this isn't the dream anymore. Now the dream is a church in the city with a reception at a fancy hotel which I am guessing will come with a guestlist of 500. All in all, not a bad way to get married but what irks me and gets me all bent out of shape is that the wedding is scheduled to be on a Thursday.

Who does that?

I could be annoyed about the date for a number of personal, selfish reasons. But that's not why I am annoyed. What bothers me is that I always thought that the day my friend got married it would be an all encompassing experience that would become the end and the beginning of it all-at least a few days. That on the Friday, we would obsess over the final details while sharing a bottle of Clicquot in a post modern upbeat funeral for the death of my single friend all the while we celebrated the birth of the wife to be. That on the Saturday, it would be all about Bea and how beautiful she looks and how special everything turned out. And that even on Sunday, we would still be celebrating talking about all things Bea because no other thing can eclipse such a wonderous ocassion.

But no. She is getting married on a Thursday. There is class, there is work, with some luck the reception will last until midnight because on Friday there is once again school and there is once again work.


_android[ette] said...

St. Stanislaus Church is such a gorgeous church.

Re: The entry, funny how dreams seem to take a back burner when families get involved.

Grant said...

How dare she get married on a date inconvenient for you! Tell her you know that was a mistake and you've taken the liberty of rescheduling her wedding on a Saturday. She can still show on Thursday, but the groom and guests and food will be there Saturday.

Mona Buonanotte said...

She should have reserved the old church. A small,intimate thing. (But that's just me...big weddings scare the bejeebus outta me.)