Tuesday, March 14, 2006

what would YOU do?

I read somewhere once that people often talk about the things that interest them, the things they have, the things they want and the things they are lacking.

These are the top 10 things people around me are talking about these days:

  • fit or fat (What would Nicole do?)
  • brazilian bikini waxes (What would Eva do?)
  • sex with married men (What would Angelina do?)
  • not drinking (what would Colin do?)
  • sex with step-family members (what would Jenna do?)
  • the day after effects of euphoric drugs (what would Kate do?)
  • porn (what would Paris do?)
  • obsessive/ dilussional people (what would L. Ron Hubbard do?)
  • musicians who vibrate and those who are just nice (What Would Pete Wentz do?)
  • abstinence (what would Jessica do?)

Good God I need a new life!


Mona Buonanotte said...

I saw that "Paris giving a BJ" thing on some site, and now I have to scrub my eyeballs with Clorox. Dammit.

Ailyn said...


AVA said...

Is it too bad that I know the answers to ALL those questions??

Vince said...

Awesome! You need to make t-shirts and wristbands and all that good stuff. I see money in this post.


gotbrains? said...

Is it bad that I may be on this list of topics?? =\