Wednesday, April 12, 2006

I NEED MORE ICE!!!!!! please... :)

So my classes for this semester have officially ended. Next week finals. I don't know why I am so excited considering that the most stressful part of being in school are the exams, but I think that considering that in all the upcoming tests I can go and write my name and still pass with transferrable grades, my joy is justified :)

Easter break also starts today.

One of the things that hasn't ceased to amaze me since I got here is the incredible amount of long weekends that people here take. Not that I dislike long weekends or anything like that, but I don't understand how things get done because just as one long weekend comes to an end, plans for the following long weekend are in full swing.

For Easter break I had planned nothing. After my trip to Miami I was exhausted (not to mention that finals start the Monday after) so I didn't think I would leave home again until at least June (that made my mom SO HAPPY!); however, that thought was short lived (as was my mother's joy). Last week I made plans to head to Punta Cana but due to technical difficulties tomorrow morning I'm heading to Cabarette instead-frankly, a better alternative.

I'm such a beach bum!

I don't know if going on yet another weekend of debaucherie with corrupt people will help me do well on my tests next week, but I do need yet another change of scenery. I don't know what it is about being in the city that gets me all bent out of shape. At first I thought that my NEED to be elsewhere was only good for me in a selfish-doesn't-affect-anyone-else kind of level; but apparently this isn't true.

Since I've taken the whole "leave your life when given the opportunity" approach, people have told me that I've changed. Apparently fun calms the witch within. My usually bitchy nature is replaced by a nicer, more agreeable, happier version of me and though I hadn't noticed before, this makes my days better. As a result, not that I care about it either way though I do value it, I have become more liked and as a result more popular.

It's amazing how that glass I always thought of as half-full, can be filled with just a little bit of ice and made better by replacing its contents, adding a squirt of lemon, and holding it while in a bathing suit under the sun ;)

I miss my old life. A lot, actually. And I feel all kinds of sad and weird each time I get an email saying that I missed something or that I'm missed or the eternal question of when I'm coming back. But all in all, despite everything I say and feel, I don't know if right now there is any other place where I would like to be...


WonderCorky said...

I care



Weary Hag said...

I think you've worked it out here all by yourself. It's good to get away while you're young and have the means and the energy! Sometimes "selfish" works well on us ... it fits just like a comfy blouse. :)

Glad to see you're at the beach again ... doing what you really enjoy.