Wednesday, May 17, 2006

A mental checklist...

The guys I've spent time with in the past year or so have had the following professions:

Music promoter
Mortgage broker
Writer/ filmmaker

then I found that:

Music promoter has a girlfriend and lives elsewhere
The Economist lives elsewhere
Musician/producer has a wife and lives elsewhere
DJ/producer is emotionally unavailable and lives elsewhere
Mortgage broker is 35 and moved away
Writer/filmmaker wants to follow Rivers Cuomo's footsteps
Writer moved to Brazil

Maybe I should start fraternizing with single people who have sensible professions and no plans (or desire) to leave their current place of residency for a while?


AlRo said...

Sounds like a good plan!
Only, sometimes, easier said than done!

Being a musician myself - we require someone a little special to put up with our shinnanigans .. but i've never cheated... so - perhaps there is one out there for ya...

You'll find someone soon enough.. ;)

gotbrains? said...

Personally, I am so over the starving artist thing. I used to be into the quirky, artistic, 'different' guys. All this cool, fun stuff is usually coupled with neurosis, childishness and selfishness. No, thank you. Now, I want older, stable, good job, decent car/home, into the arts, but not an 'artist.'

jackt said...

Wow lots of guys in arts & entertainment! I live in LA and I don't even know as many people in that field as you've dated in the past year!

Nikky Egland said...

I have a thing for musicians, too :)

Libélula said...

Mmm...Musicians are sexy...but I digress...yes, you should do just that, babe

AlRo said...

In my defence .. I'm not a full-time musician... and I'm not really considered to be 'artistic' in the dorky way...

but i am a career guy.. stable - with a career in Computer Sciences, and technology..

But my ol'man has been a musician my whole life - and it's be burned into my brain - now he and i are in a rock band together .. weeee... anyhoo..

Gotbrains: there are some of us that are actually not so bad ;)

Anonymous said...

que suerte la tuya...none are stable.

gotbrains? said...

Alro: not being a FULL-TIME artist is fine. As long as you have a job, make your own money and I don't have to pay for dinner EVERY time we go out, then it's all good. It's good to have a fun hobby, even to want it to be a career, as long as there's something to fall back on and that's not all your counting on. I'm all for following your dream, but you (not YOU, personally.. just people) should also be realistic. The chances of falling into that kind of career are slim to none. That shouldn't be all you have to work with.