Saturday, June 24, 2006

In her shoes...

Girl #1: I don't know what to do. There is this guy...he is hot, he is nice, he is interested...
Girl #2: what's the problem?
Girl #1: He is married
Girl #2: Do you like him?
Girl #1: kinda...yeah...but I don't know because he is married...
Girl #2: Don't go there. That's a terrible thing to do. If nothing else, you have to respect the family and the sanctity of marriage. How would you feel if they did that to you? Plus what if she finds out? You are going to be the bitch because it's always the chick's fault.
Girl #1: well, I don't know the girl...I just know that she exists...
Girl #2: and if she finds out that YOU exists, you'll see how fast you'll get to know her...

Girl #3: Guy X invited me out to dinner
Girl #1: hahahaha...not lunch, not dessert, not coffee, not drinks, but dinner
Girl #3: so what?
Girl #1: That, my friend, would be considered a date and you are married.
Girl #3: It's not a date, we are just going to hang out.
Girl #1: Okay then...
(two hours later)
Girl #3: I gotta call this guy back to see what time I am going to be going over to his house.
Girl #1: his house?
Girl #3: yeah, he is making me dinner at his house
Girl #1: and yet, you are just going to hang out?
Girl #3: Okay, I would be an idiot if I didn't do anything...I mean, this is like an opportunity, a one time deal. I've been with my husband for x amount of time and it's not the same. I need variety. I deserve it!
Girl #1: what if your husband finds out?
Girl #3: He won't.

Girl #2: Okay so we had a talk finally
Girl #1: And?
Girl #2: He told me that it pissed him off to see me and have to keep his hands to himself. so I told him that it pissed me off too that he kept his hands to himself.
Girl #4: now what?
Girl #2: We decided that he is going to come stay with me when his wife is out of town.
Girls 1 and 4: WHAT?!
Girl #2: Yeah...I want to sleep with him, and kiss him and you know what? he wants to be with me too. It's not like I went after him, he came onto me. If his wife can't keep him happy then I will.
Girl #1: True...
Girl #2: He said that he's just concerned that I may fall in love, and you know what? I told him that if I did that would be MY problem not his because I know he is married and that he is not leaving his wife and child. I know that if I get attached all of you guys are going to bitchslap me because I knew what was coming.
Girl #4: hahaha...That's so true!
Girl #1: whatever makes you happy...

Girl #5: Well, the divorce mediation is on xx. Finally. Hopefully that will be the end of them and we can begin for real. Heh. I never thought I would be in this kind of situation. It's amazing how you change as you grow up and end up doing lots of stuff you never thought you'd do.


jackt said...

The drama! How come I don't know any people like this?!

local wannabe said...

... que 'scandalo ... beautifully written and very engaging ... i wonder if you draw inspiration from the happenstances of your life or the treasure trove of your imagination ... either way it rocks ...

gotbrains? said...

Would this be considered copywrite infringement? ;)