Saturday, June 03, 2006

She really is a hottie...Uff!

So the new Batwoman is a lesbian and there are people bent out of shape about this.


It's the year 2006 and one would think that by now people would have learned a thing or two about tolerance and acceptance but apparently they haven't and they are not open to anything that helps promote said tolerance especially not their superheros. I think that the only character who has survived the scrutiny was Sailor Uranus because Sailor Moon never really went mainstream.

We live in a world where in some places gay marriages are legal, where gay couples raise children, where homosexual couples are as common as straight couples, in some places they are the majority. Unless you are Bush (or crazy LESBIAN Mary Cheney), you are bound to recognize that homosexuality is a part of life and should be just as openly represented as any other mainstream subculture.

Look at the Teletubbies and Barnie and Bert and Ernie, Peppermint Patti and Marcia and Spongebob. I used to be a fourth grade teacher and I saw enough of those cartoons to realize that they are all gay (and for example Teletubbies make kids stupid but that's another post altogether). Yet parents were okay with having kids watching them nonstop. Apparently building a culture of ignorance and hypocrisy is better than openly discussing the facts of life. There is nothing wrong with innuendos as long as things aren't spelled out as they are.

Then they wonder why shit happens...The facts of life are no longer just the birds and the bees.

I remember some years ago when they introduced the Sesame Street Character who was HIV positive. As we all know, HIV is a reality and it does not have a cure and it can affect ANYBODY regardless of nationality, or race, or social status. Yet, people got all bent out of shape and Kami is only a part of the South African Sesame Street because, you know, HIV and AIDS only happen in Africa. we really think that our children are going to thank us for this?


jackt said...

We love denying hard truths in pursuit of more "pristine values". I'm glad you think some of those children's programs are mind-numbing flashes of light- I always thought the same.

Vince said...

Please. The new Batwoman is not a lesbian. The old Batwoman just came out of the closet. Good for her! Now if we can just get Robin to admit he wants to be more than Batman's sidekick . . .


Grant said...

I'm upset about the new Batwoman because she's yet another beautiful woman I can't have. If they made her fat and ugly, I wouldn't care. :p

Mona Buonanotte said...



Well said!