Monday, July 10, 2006

of dance and sports...

Damn what a weekend!

I think I may have just recovered. Actually, no. I just caught the last of the zzzzs I was missing. I will have just recovered when Ivan brings me that cookie I've been craving all day. I need a cookie! I need a cooie! I need a cookie! and what's more, I DON'T WANNA GO GET IT!!

Okay. Let me think. The weekend recap. Hmmmm...I'll do it in pictures.


Princesses night out. Yuri and I, along with the party crew, danced until 5:00am. We left because, well, sooner or later we were going to have to. But of course, not without first spending quality time with Serge. He is a hottie, and thanks to me, now he knows that he is one (if he didn't already know).


No pictures. I can't fall asleep if the sun has already come out so I was walking around all zombie like the entire day. I went to Marocha with Eny and there we ran into Ivan, Lilli, Bianca and Luisana. They tried to talk me into going to Praia to dance to DJ Ravara but that wasn't going to happen (It almost did happen because I am weak but my worn out body said no. So no.)


World Cup Finals. After a very filling vegetable lasagna lunch (yeah...all italian all day long) Eny, Yuri and I head on over to Steakhouse to watch the game. Half of humanity was there. Too much fun. I kept thinking of my dear friend Angie, she who loooooves soccer and I haven't seen in a long time. Distance sucks.

Anyway, by 10:00pm I was home drunk, stuffed (victory pizza!) and in bed. I could try to tell you what happened between 1:00pm and 10:00pm but I can't so if you can read Spanish and feel the need to find out, go here.

At 3:00am I kept hearing strange noises so I was convinced that someone had broken into my house. Then Ivan thought someone had broken into our house. We scared the living hell out of each other and went to bed.

Somehow I woke up today and went to class. But I was still soooooooo tired so I came home and I napped. I should be packing for my trip to atlanta tomorrow but ask me if I have even looked in the general direction of my closet...I'll get to that eventually I guess. All I need is that cookie...

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