Thursday, August 10, 2006

The dark side...

This is a list of the most random questions in the world. As copied from Yvette.

Would you lie under oath to protect a significant other from the punishment of a minor, non-violent crime?
If it's a minor non-violent crime, they don't need me to lie under oath for them. They need me to get them a good lawyer to get them off. That I would definitely provide.

Would you help cover up a hit and run accident that your significant other was involved in, if the person hit was just hurt?
I don't think so. I don't think the consequences of an accidental hit and run are worth the risks of getting caught. It was an accident, they can't be that harsh on you.

What if they killed the person?
If it really was an accident, I would try to convince them to come clean. If it was an accident and there weren't any aggravants, then there is nothing to worry about; however, if there was something that could potentially turn going forward into a really bad situation, I'd probably say somethign like "Let's drive to Marietta and dump the body there. Nobody will find it there!"

Would you lie to someone by telling them they are good at something that they really loved?
No. I just wouldn't say anything though.

What if they wanted to do this for a living? (like, telling someone who can't even draw a stick figure that they can pursue a career in art)
In this case, I would give them the speech about training in his craft...go to art school or something. Let the real world tell them that they suck or better yet, learn how to paint abstracts.

Would you date and/or marry a person that your family/friends didn't approve of?
Yes. I usually tend to go with what I feel as oppossed to what I am told. That goes with friendships as well as relationships. I refuse to miss out on anything just because of what other peopel think.

If you found a suitcase full of money, would you report it or keep it?
Keep it...duh!

Would you commit murder if there was absolutely NO possibility of anyone finding out?
There would have to be a REALLY good reason for me to kill someone...I mean, I am the first to admit that I am a passionate person and I could probably kill someone given the right circumstances but it's highly unlikely that I would ever kill someone. I mean, not unless they hurt my family in a horrible way, or killed my dog on purpose, etc. And then, if I had a reason to kill someone, I probably wouldn't care if I got caught...

If you were arrested and had a chance to escape without being caught, would you? No. I wouldn't want to spend my life hiding. I'd get a really good lawyer and hope for the best.

Would you pin a crime on someone else, that you committed together, in order not to be prosecuted for it?
No. I would hope they wouldn't do that to me, either.

I'm not going to tag anyone, but feel free to copy my silly little questionnaire.

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