Tuesday, August 15, 2006

The things that define us...

Last week I received an invitation for my 10 year HS reunion. It is to take place the day after Thanksgiving in a venue a whole 5 miles away from our school, you know, to accomodate those of us who moved away.

I went to HS in small town, NJ. Needless to say, due to the fact that it was such a small community, most people knew each other forever. There were 70 people in my graduating class, about 60 of which had been together since kindergarden. I was one of the ten who came in late. I came in Sophomore Year.

Right away I found things I liked. The Theatre Department was great, I was encouraged to sing until I didn't want to sing anymore, and I played a sport. Softball. (Okay, I didn't play, but I was the best benchwarmer the town had ever seen.) I made friends. I threw parties that I am certain will still be talked at the reunion.

I was the youngest person in my class. A whole 2 years younger than the rest of them. It was a time when while all the other kids had no curfew or had to be home at midnight or whatever, I had to deal with an "unreasonable" curfew. Being younger than all of them at a time when even being the same age is critical implied that I had to go that extra mile to be "cool".

So by 15:
1. I had my one and only tattoo and had more than my ears pierced
2. I had a state issued fake ID
3. I had already been to The Limelight, Webster Hall, and whatever was the name of that other club...I had made a door out of the window :)
4. I had "favorite bars" and waiters who knew me by name
5. I had a very cool car and no driver's licence
6. I took road trips with friends
7. I had been to some of the most amazing concerts
8. I had won the International Time Warp Contest in London's West End
9. I had college friends
10. I had already read most of the classics.

After HS, I don't think it was much of a surprise when I informed people that I'd move away, nor that I would end up moving as many times as I did. I get pissed off at myself but I realize that I have done a lot and all in all I have had a cool life. A very colorful life. A life I can be proud of so as a result this is a life that I would like to show off and brag about.

But then I think to myself, okay so I am younger, and I was one of the few chicks in my class who didn't get knocked up, fat, married, or turn into lesbians. Oh and I am still 26. Is that enough of a reason to go? To waste my Thanksgiving weekend in an airport in the cold...and I think back of High School. And I think of every cool thing I ever did. Of the first time I snuck out of the house, the first time I got shit drunk, the day I went to get my tattoo, the days of clubbing, the daily dose of Starbucks, the cars that got stuck in the snow, driving without a license, Bennigan's on Fridays, Burrito Loco on Saturdays, the homework...I think back on my High school experience and every memorable aspect of it took place outside of school. And each time the only constant is that
Yvette was there.

So if she won't come with me to my reunion (even though I already tried to bribe her with a Friendly's sundae), I think we should hold our own little reunion elsewhere because she was the very first thing I stood up for. She really was my High School experience.

**On a side note: good thing we grew up...


El mitico said...

I can defientely help you out on number 62! =P

Interesting life Chica...
Where r u leaving now?

GOod writing...si sigues asi you can write that book!

Anonymous said...

and im reading this why.............? at least make up a story with superheroes and explosions.................for stuff like that, GET A JOURNAL!

gotbrains? said...

OMG Those are some of the most HEINOUS pictures of my life!! I can't believe you put them up.

And, for the loser above: look up the word BLOG in the dictionary. Moron.

gotbrains? said...

Ok.. so I am looking at the pics again.. did I really dress that way?? And you let me out of the house like that? What kind of friend are you?!?

annush said...

Anonymous this is MY BLOG and I can write here whatever I want!

As for you yvette, why is it that everyone finds themselves to be so heinous? I mean, we were in our teens...we were suppossed to look awkward even though back then we all thought we looked pretty damn hot. I have worse pictures than that. YOu have some as well. HA! This is a good thing...we became swans :)

gotbrains? said...

By the way.. you know this means war, don't you?? I'm gonna have to dig out my pictures and scan some beauties myself. =)