Friday, September 15, 2006

Busy bee...

I hate mosquitos.

The weather these days has done nothing to help the mosquito situation here. Needless to say I am very upset. I keep having these crazy thoughts about getting
malaria or dengue fever and dying. I don't worry so much about the dengue fever because I already had it and though it almost killed me, it didn't; still, thinking about these things gives me something to do in my free time.

I've taken to carrying repelent in my purse. Sometimes I wonder why I shower as much as I do, it's not like I'm not going to get myself all sticky and poisonous tasting within 5 minutes of stepping out of the shower! It upsets me. It really does. And it worries me because I'm sure that excessive exposure to repellent can't be good for you. All that stuff going into your body through your pores has got to be toxic sooner or later.

Survival of the fittest they say...or at least survival of the wealthier because authorities should be doing more to help control all these fucking mosquitos and they aren't. Here I am bitching and whining about mosquitos but my home gets fumigated twice a week and I have a massive stash of repellent spray, candles, lights etc. what about the people who can't afford this? Everytime I take a look at my arms and legs and see 500 bites, I imagine someone elsewhere with 5,000 bites (and malaria or dengue) and it pisses me off. I know that you can't get rid of mosquitos altogether but if only health authority didn't take such a laissez faire attitude about it, that would be great.

And they are going to kick me out of the mall. I've taken to go do my work at the mall everyday. They are going to hate me. I never buy anything, I just work (and chat).

Onto to other news, Dan is coming back :D:D:D
I am so happy, I could die!

...and today I'm going to make the first of a bunch of sundresses I've designed. I figured that if I can't get local fashion to accomodate to me, I should just make my own!

Good plan, huh?

I am off to the gym...I'm back at the gym. I can't work out like I used to but it's better than nothing. My endorphines are up :)

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Rainypete said...

With all the diseases and the press campaigns here about West Nile Virus I'm starting to thing we all need to be walking around draped in mosquito netting soon.