Wednesday, September 13, 2006

dating rant...

Since I've been here, I haven't really dated. Theoretically, it seems unnecessary because technically I have HWMNBN who always turns up 20 seconds before I get desperate but I just don't really like to date anymore. Particularly not here.

But then on days like today I wake up in the morning and I feel like I want someone so I think to myself "damn annush, why don't you try to find someone who is a little more permanent? try to find yourself a nice relationship to be in like everybody else? "

and then I wanna kick myself in the head.

I am not everybody else.

It must be said that I probably have the highest standards of anyone I know and I am neither desperate nor afraid of being alone, which has always been my ace. I think of my girlfriends here who are or have been in relationships and most of them have boyfriends who are nowhere near good enough for them. But they've had to settle in order to not be alone. Sad, I know.

I think of the men I've dated in my life, and on the most part they've been jewels. Aside from that one guy who dared to wear a Speedo at the beach (but his excuse is that he is European), they've been men who are on the most part stylish, attractive, tall, good mannered, well traveled, well educated, well read, goal oriented, independent, financially stable, loyal, carry relatively good genes...

Most of the men here, on the other hand, are not like that.

I am convinced that men here cheat just to prove to themselves that they can. On the most part, I don't find the Dominican male attractive at all. I don't really dig dark (or beige) and handsome and to add to that, a good portion of them are short and if someone is going to be short in my relationship, that's gonna' be me.

One can argue that men here are somewhat well educated but that's only a small portion of the male population. I mean, going to the best schools doesn't equate to getting an education. Some families have made massive investments in the education of their sons, and even so they are still dumbasses. I can't possibly spend time with someone who reads the paper for the comic strips, whose literary insight comes from movies and who seriously believes that Forrest Gump was really a part of every single event in modern American history!

And then onto the most practical things, I can't date a man who lives at home. It's weird and unnatural that by the tender age of 27 a man still hasn't left home. Maybe I've been spoiled by the ways of the developed world but I don't care. The last thing I need in my life is a mama's boy.

Oh and then there is this most particular thing: people's eating habits are important to me. I don't care if you wanna eat frog legs with broccoli, AS LONG AS they are cooked in a sanitary and healthy fashion. I will not under any circumstance date someone who will eat crap food from the street cooked in an unidentifiable manner with questionable ingredients. I am of the belief that if you won't take care of your body, your most important asset, you are probably careless in the important aspects of life.

I am not impressed by financial abundance and flashiness. Arrogance is not a good trait to have. People who are not curious about things and who lead monotonous lives are boring...

I think I need to move again. Quick!


Nina said...

I laughed out loud when you mentioned the guy with speedos haha
Yes, you are demanding, but you are right, I agree with you.
Apart from the tall thing..I don't mind when a man is only slightly taller than me..

Anonymous said...

Tienes un argentino muy dentro de ti. No tienes empleo, no haces nada mas que vivir de tu mami, creerte por encima de toda sociedad, no eres atractiva, solo vives para el rave.....pero todo esta por debajo de ti, nadie esta en tu tan prestigioso nivel personal....

Suerte! La necesitaras

annush said...

"no tienes empleo y no haces nada aparte de vivir de tu mami"

...hmmm...quisiera que le preguntaras a ella (al igual que a la persona que me esta firmando mi cheque todos los meses) si eso es verdad. Vamos a ver que te dicen.

Ser o no ser atractivo es relativo. No me importa quien piense que yo lo sea o no. i am happy wth myself.

Yo se quien soy. Se lo que ofrezco y se lo que necesito. No estoy por encima de nada pero no por eso tengo que convertirme en coformista.

Y.O. said...

You know what? after reading this i thought "wow! who does she think she is", but then i realized that it is better that you know exactly what you want (or don't want), you definetly have a better chance of being happy than those who settled for the next best thing, and for that YOU GO GIRL!!

gotbrains? said...

Call me racist, but I cannot date a man with a uber-hispanic name. No Pablos, Enriques, Jesuses or Juans.

Anonymous said...


Gabemaster said...

Damn, and all I need is to be a little bit taller to meet all the requirements for the position. Too bad. :(

anarquista said...

"they've been men who are on the most part stylish, attractive, tall, good mannered, well traveled, well educated, well read, goal oriented, independent, financially stable, loyal, carry relatively good genes..." ANNUSH

How about well hung?

Girl you've been watching too much "sex and the city"! I think what you've described is MR BIG.