Sunday, October 29, 2006

Of course, if it had to happen it would have happened to me...

I am a relatively young, attractive, single woman who was recently given the okay to see other people. Needless to say, I am now on the lookout for cool people to see. Actually, I am not on really on the lookout, but more open to finding cool people to see in my regular sphere of existance.

As it is to be expected, last night I went to
Hallows Even.

The thing about being friends with "talent" is that they all usually hang out together and they usually try to blend in with the crowd. I guess in that way it's great that they are all part of the electronic culture because chances are that the average person will just let them be
(unless of course that average person is me and I end up almost having a heart attack because you hugged me/bought me a drink/walked me into a club/asked me the time/played with my dogs).

MAPO and MDFC were VJing at the event last night, and as we all know Yuri is going out with MDFC so we were all chilling by the visual tent while some VIP+ bracelets turned up for MDFC and Yuri (we hate hanging out with the mere mortals). It was then that I saw him and I fell in love: Vello Virkhaus.

Vello is a VJ, a very talented VJ if I may say so myself. He is commonly known as VJ V2. I saw him and I went like stupid which of course creates a problem. I hung around the tent in my little dress staring at him like a 10 year old girl. Terrible thing! Then as I am trying to be cool and make eye contact some guys staring hitting on me really annoyingly so next thing I know I am telling them that I am a lesbian and of course, then he looks.

After a while, it seemed like a lost cause. I wanted to talk to him but I couldn't. He was completely immersed in his little world of graphics and buttons and stuff so we went back to the VIP+ area so I could lust after him from afar. Which I did.

MDFC turns up and tells me what was probably the worse thing I have ever heard.


Vello's girlfriend is DJ Sandra Collins.


OKay, so I didn't talk to him. Chances are I probably wouldn't have talked to him unless I had like 527 drinks. But still, how does one compete with
Sandra Collins, "The Trance Goddess"? Hell, I am a huge fan! I've dance to her music on a couple of different venues and I even think that she is somewhat of a hottie.


My ego is bruised. It is at times like these that I ask myself "what could I possibly offer an extraordinary guy who already ahs an extraordinary woman"? I know I could do just fine with an average guy and I could even steal an extraordinary guy from an average woman (which I wouldn't do) but an extraordinary man who already has an extraordinary woman...Uff...

It is very likely that
Sandra and Vello will read this and laugh, or maybe they'll hate me. (For some reason DJs like to Google themselves a lot and end up responding to a lot of the posts about them) In any case, I just want to thank them for being together because if nothing else now I can use as an excuse that I didn't talk to Vello because his girlfriend was Sandra Collins (not because I am a chicken).


♥PRiNCiPeSSa♥ said...

que bueno estรก ese maldito!!! (MDFC of course!) >:)

nascosta said...

i saw you. como a eso de las 6:30, estabas diciendo "yo me voy", no se pq.

annush said...

that probably wasn't me. I didn't get there until like 6...and if you see me, you have to say hello!