Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Arts and Crafts.

My mom is a nut.

Yesterday I woke up to hear my mom saing "hurry up we gotta go". I didn't know where the heck we were going at such an ungodly hour; but if there is one thing I have learned over the years is that I should always listen to mom because good things happen when I do (most of the time).

As it turned out mom signed us (me, Ilonka and her) up for a bunch of Arts and Craft classes. Yesterday was the first day of our adventure: tray making.

I know, I can't handle so much domesticity.

We made a whole bunch of trays yesterday. Only thing is that I've found that I have a fixation with floral motifs (I'm obsessed with daisies and sunflowers) and my mom is all about fruit. Right now we have 500 new flower and fruit trays. Hmmm... I think that today I'm going ot make a Hello Kitty one just for the sake of variety (and to practice).

Today we have candle making class.

I bought a whole bunch of funky molds and yummy scents for my candles. I love candles. Too bad we have so many of them at my house already because otherwise I'd probably make a whole bunch more. Just because I like them.

Next week we have some metal working class and then hopefully glass blowing. I don't know when we are going to find the time to do all this between work, Thanksgiving, Gus and Dan's visit and my trip to Miami tomorrow but things will work out somehow.

I like arts and crafts.
I wanna' be like Martha Stewart.


♥PRiNCiPeSSa♥ said...

candles.. yayyy!

you leaving makes me sad [tear]


Anonymous said...

ke aperooo, donde e eso?

y leaving pa donde?