Monday, November 13, 2006

baby one more time...

My friendship with Yvette is cool.

Yvette and I met in college something like 8 years ago (?) and have always had a fun friendship based primarily on rituals and traditions (which often revolve around food). It's not like we set out to create rituals or start traditions from the get go, but unknowingly, we have created a relationship that is constant and secure and that makes me happy.

One of the things we have always done is go on our "dates". Back in the day, we started going out to eat. We'd pick fancy places and pig out so that we could then calculate how many hours we would have to spend at the gym to burn off the aforementioned meal. Over the years though, we have gotten better. We still go to fancy places and pig out, but instead of eating EVERYTHING (apetizers, entrees, desserts, coffee) we share 2 appetizers and a dessert.

Anyway, Yvette didn't start driving until about 4 months ago. Until about 4 months ago, I had to go pick up her pedestrian ass every time we went out. She would get in my car and like a good co-pilot, she would be the DJ. More often than not though, she would pick a totally cheesy teeny bopper song and we'd each start singing and dancing (within what was possible inside of a car) choreography and all. Of course, what happened in the car, stayed in the car so nobody knew we did this. But we did. Baby one more time. Genie in a bottle. Ex-girlfriend. It's gonna' be me. They all were a part of our repertoire.

But after I left and we "grew up", along with our food selections, that kinda changed. We started talking on the way to whatever restaurant we had chosen. Maybe that was my fault though for monopolizing my iPod, or maybe she lost her good co-pilot skills, or maybe when in her car I am a crappy co-pilot, the fact of the matter is that we just talked.

Last night we went to Marocha for our date. We ate, we had some sangria, we hung out with other people, sang, danced and I guess that put us in a different frame of mind. There was a nice feeling in the air (nice enough that I didn't even die of a heart attack when G-sus spilled sangria all over my Gucci shoes). I think we were refreshingly happy. After dinner, Yvette drove me home (while G-sus followed us because we had been drinking) and for once I decided to be the good co-pilot I know I can be: I took the iPOd and pressed play.

Let Me Blow Your Mind.

We sang along, we did our little dance. she even let me smoke a cigarrette in her car.

When we got to my house, I kissed her good bye, I walked over to G-sus' car and kissed him good bye too.

Then he said, "did you guys have fun? it looked like you girls were having a party in that car!"

"we did. and we should do that again some time."


Anonymous said...

Why do you so ofter spoil an otherwise nice post with your pretentious outbursts? It's like you deliveratly do that. Saying "my nice shoes" would have been classier than "my Gucci".
I wonder what you are always trying to compensate for.

annush said...

Because it's MY post written in MY blog. I write things like they are and like I see them. Should I have to write about "pastel colored balloons" instead of "pink balloons" because it might offend someone who doesn't like/appreciate pink?

If I so often spoil my posts like you say, then quit reading them. I'm tired of apologizing to people who don't even know me. Frankly, I am sick and tired of people coming here and whining about where I go, the things I do and the things I have. Am I only a nice person if I am a simple person? Well newsflash. I am not a simple person but I am not a pretentious person either. Pretentious would have been saying that I was dressed in Marc Jacobs, Gucci shoes and a Cavalli bag (which incidentally, I was). Did I say that? NO. I was simply telling a story as it happened. The rest of my outfit was of absolutely no relevance to it so it went unmentioned.

Would anyone feel bad red wine spilled on "nice $50 shoes", probably not.

What are you trying to compensate for that you are so bent out of shape about a detail in a story that has nothing to do with you?

nascosta said...

ive bought shoes for 30 dollars and still i would be pissed if they wined them. very. anyways, dont apologize, no one is obligated to read your blog. i must admitt, a few of the things you say do seem to me as pretentious, but it all depends in the tone you say them, and, as good a writer as you may be, its hard to perceive the tone you mean things in. and anyways, you cant change the facts just not to "offend" some. you dont have to say you went to pollo victorina if you really went to marocha just so you dont sound like a snob. dont sweat it.

♥PRiNCiPeSSa♥ said...

PRINCESS: u say whatever the fuck u want because this is YOUR blog where you write YOUR stuff the way YOU want to write them.

i fucking hate anonymous... and yes, GOD HATES ANONYMOUS. See, if u have the balls to come here and bitch around, why dont u show ur face? If u have nothing nice to say, then keep ur mouth shut, shove ur opinions up your ass and start your own blog where words like gucci and prada are forbidden because u're a loser.

[i feel so much better now...]