Monday, December 18, 2006

christmas shopping

This morning when I woke up I asked Yvette at what time the malls usually open here because I am going back to Santo Domingo tomorrow and I need to get my Christmas shopping done. She said that usually it's at 10 but that they should open today way earlier because "you know, it's Christmas".

So I say to myself that it really is Christmas week and I get my ass off the bed.

I make some coffee, turn on my laptop, check my email and catch up with a few blogs.
Yuri's blog is one big Christmas card. So I have to ask myself what am I still doing in my pijamas? I guess I should be more into the holiday spirit but other than that Menorah lighting party they had going on at Lincoln Road last night and that really horrible Christmas party I went to Saturday night, I haven't partaken in any holiday festivities.

Plus it's hard to get into the whole Christmas spirit when Starbucks isn't even selling gingerbread biscotti. That's just wrong.

In any case, Yuri is in Ft. Lauderdale until noon today and I'm very upset that I won't get to see her despite the fact that there isn't a body of water between us anymore. Ha! I guess I'm not like certain people I know...Anyway, today is Maria Celeste's birthday, apparently I am going to the
Shakira concert tomorrow despite the fact that I don't really care for her music,and now I have to go take a shower so I can go buy my gifts (and that dress I'm absolutely crazy about).

I also have to go buy a wine opener and a vase. If you only knew how we open wine bottles and where we place flowers at
Yvette's apartment, you'd die laughing :) I love it though. It warms my heart.


Anonymous said...

Personally, I like the creative idea. Especially the ones in the bathroom. It's cute. =)

Libélula said...

I haven't felt the "Christmas Spirit" either...the only thing Christmas-y at my house is a couple of hand towels my mom placed on the downstairs bathroom...

CaramelO said...

funny shit , el lune me fui de shoppin, pero nah, vamo a lo importante, ehh, komo abrian los vinos eh>, aveces se me perde el saccorchos, y es todo un bultooo

PS-y el marte dike lo de shakira,lool, mierda to el mundo fue , pero total, a mi no em guta, so no me mortike por ir:P