Tuesday, December 12, 2006

No answer, bad answer...

One of the things I find craziest about this whole blogging business is how people categorize you and then they take it upon themselves to bitch about how you are not fulfilling the role they believe you should be fulfilling.

And of course, they do it via email.

At times like these I wonder why I have shared my email address with you people...

Anyway, I got this email today that I found absolutely hillarious:

"You moved. Big deal. I don't know what it is you are looking for but if you haven't found it by now I don't think you will. YOu are just spoiled. You should just keep partying and writing about parties. That's what you do best. Or is your life only good if you are in Santo Domngo and NY? I don't care about your sugar or your hapiness. Just admit you found your drugs. YOu won't say it but I know that you like the candy. I want to know what's cool because at least you know about cool. I want to know where you go and what you do. That's wha you are good at and i won't read you anymore if you move to a place where you don't haev a life".


Now that I am done laughing, I will simply say that it's heart warming to know that people think of me as someone who is "cool". That has never been my intention, but thank you. I don't mean to be cool, I am actually quite a nerd (always have been) and I like myself this way. I haven't been writing about parties because I haven't really partied. I've been studying believe it or not! You know, trying to get my shit together so I can build a life and what not because my spoiledness is subsidized by yours-truly .

I don't give people grief about their life choices...show me that same courtesy please.

That said, in my time here, I've been to Novecento, Soyka, the Gables Diner and have spent lots of time at Starbucks.

Call that a party if you may.


♥PRiNCiPeSSa♥ said...

don't worry, they probably email prince William and bitch about the fact that he is a prince [and rich and hot], I mean, do I sense some jealousy? next thing u know, I'll get an email complaining about me being Japanese and not living in japan or some similar bs... having a blog is a lot of fun, makes u aware of how lucky we are... can u imagine being on THEIR side??... hating and living thru other people's fabulous life... Princess' rule!!! >=)

ps. I MISS U!!!

Libélula said...

Ay coño la gente si jode, men...You just do your thing y deja que el que quiera que se estralle contra la pared.

Glad to see you're doing OK over there, dude. Muah!

nascosta said...

tu peor q te molestas en hablar de el. pero bueno, te dijo cool al menos. if he or she wants to know whats out there q se pare de la computadora un ratico, o no?

friend said...

jejeje..ignore just ignore by the way you are cool.

CaramelO said...

:S, funny, el pana viene kon tonito de akerosiarte, y akaba pidiendo un post, komo si fuera un delivery,

yo, bueno, yo no te voy a decir ke eskribas de lo ke te de la gana o algo asi, pues seria dirigirte igual, pues a kada rato em pasa ke kiero eskribir de algo y no me sale:P

simplemente vive[and enjoy it]

gente asi me da risa, pues, sino te gusta algo, y no pagas ni nada por el estilo, pues vallase del lugar,,o en este kaso ke cierre la pagina, pero noooo el[ata dominicano parece de tan komodo ke es] manda mail y de tooo, y komo e>?