Friday, December 22, 2006

oh the holidays!

My head hurts so badly I can't even think straight. I'm still trying to figure out if this is a manifestation of a hangover, maybe a result of going to bed at 4:30am or if I am truly getting sick. In any case, I feel terrible.

I think I am going to hope for the Festivus miracle of good health. I don't like feeling unwell.

Anyway, I'm back in Santo Domingo for the holidays. Gus arrives today and like a big, happy family we are all heading over to Romana to celebrate Christmas. I am happy. The holidays make me all warm and fuzzy inside...especially now that I am trying to get in the holiday spirit by wearing festive undies. really does work...particularly when you are drunk.

Off to nap I go...if I don't come back have a happy Festivus, a Merry Christmas and all that other good stuff. If I do write back before I leave, i'll try to wish you all of those things in a more convincing fashion :)


WonderCorky said...

I hope your hangover ceases
your heart heals
and life becomes
what is best for you

Gabemaster said...

Merry Xmas ;)