Wednesday, January 03, 2007

New Year's Eve Weekend. The highlights.

I know I said that I would write about my New Year's experience but my New Year's experience came accompanied by a fever that won't break and a cough that could lead someone to believe that one of my lungs might fly out of my mouth any second so my motivation to write has been lacking. But I have to before I forget because I've been cursed with terrible memory and if I don't write now, I probably never will.

I left to Romana on the 30th already sick. I wasn't even able to go to the Loco Dice party on the 29th because I was so incredibly under the weather that I was convinced that without much effort I could very possibly cause myself to drop dead. That's how sick I was. I left in the afternoon under the influence of cold medication in the hopes that I might feel just a little better when I got there.

Which I did. I felt so much better that I dilluted myself into believing that I was miraculously healed so in the middle of the night I went to hit the bars with my step brothers. We met people, hit on people, laughed with people, and by 4.30 am we were home. When we got there I ran into my brother Gus, Alvaro, Laura and our dear friend Phillip. After lots of hugs and kisses I agreed to go with back to the Marina with them. In retrospect I shouldn't have done that. It was fucking cold and I'd already drank plenty but you know me, so next thing I know we are getting kicked out of Naked Fish and we are hosting an after-party chez nous. I could say that I was tired [which I was], that I was tired of drinking [which I was], that my lungs hurt from so much smoking [which they did]. but I was having so much fun that I didn't even realize that I was dancing in the rain with a 21 year old who gave me a piggy back ride up something like 50 steps and that somehow I had ended up wearing a bikini with a poncho over it.

I went to bed at something like 9 in the morning. As luck would have it, I got sicker and I was physically incapable of falling asleep. My mom was whining over the fact that our golf cart was M.I.A. and it remained so for 3 days, Ivan got there late, everything was too noisy and frankly I believed that the 31st was the worse day EVER. I kept thinking that I wanted to be in Cabarete at the Clive Henry party. I thought all kinds of things that I shouldn't have been thinking. I was really pissed off.

By the time dinner time came I hated the world and everything in it. I had a fever. I was sleepy and incredibly sad. I just wanted midnight to come and go so that I could go to bed. And it did. But something happened and next thing I knew, I was getting in the car on the way to the Marina with Ivan, Gus, and Lilli.

I know that drinking is bad and that being sick sucks and whatever, but Greygoose and RedBull is a powerful combination. I didn't even feel the cold air. It took a while but after a certain point I was celebrating like the rest of them and I was happy. So happy I didn't realize I had a fever. So happy I didn't realize I'd paid a bill that wasn't even mine.

At like 6 or 7 in the morning...we went back to our place and we hosted a few people over there. For a while there was swimming, drinks were still being served at 11am and somehow I set a whole chunk of my hair on fire. I don't remember how that was but it really did happen.

I was supossed to come back home New Year's day but as you can expect, I couldn't. Hell, I was having issues deciding whether or not I should have driven back yesterday! But I made it...somehow...and somehow I went to Natalia's bday party...and somehow I am still alive, but it's quite possible that I may die of bronchitis in the next few days.

Was it worth it though? Hell yeah.

Would I do it again? Probably not.

Despite the fact that Cabarete got completely rained out, if I were given the choice again would I go there knowing how much fun I had in Romana? Now more so than before.

Do you expect to drink/smoke anytime in the near future? Absolutely not.

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Katherine said...

Me encanta leerte Annush, pero todavia no entiendo, que siendo tan inteligente, no entiendas las grandes consecuencias del fumar.
Por lo menos todavia eres joven. Talvez dures los suficiente para tomar una iniciativa para dejar de fumar.

Happy New year Annush.