Sunday, February 11, 2007

Annush's words of wisdom v. 2.0

(brought to you by 2 Nyquil and 2 Contac downed with TheraFlu)

so if I'm dead tomorrow morning, we'll all know what killed me...blame MS the realtor for that one.

Lying is a bad thing and people should steer away from such behavior especially when it involves other people and it could hurt someone else. If you MUST go out and do something (or someone) you shouldn't be out doing, think about it long and hard before you do. If you find that you must do it anyway, do it in such a way that you don't get other people involved, make other people look bad, cause people any grief, or that people who live a gazillion miles away don't get to hear about it (namely, ME!) because if it gets this far you know that it's not only allies (namely, ME!) who are listening...

Karma is a bitch...and do you really want someone doing behind your back what you are doing behind theirs?

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