Tuesday, February 13, 2007

My mother's mini-me

I am finally moving to my own place on March 1. Despite the fact that I've thoroughly enjoyed my stay chez Kat's, it's time for me to move on and get settled into what will hopefully be my place for a long time to come.

Because I have nothing, I've been buying stuff randomly on a need to use basis. I'll use it every once in a while and then pack it again and put it in the closet along with the rest of my stuff. Now that the sales have started I have been really taking advantage. I am weird in that way. I hate to spend money on stuff I don't need, and yet even though I know that I need kitchenware, I don't want to spend money buying it.

Anyway, upon stumbling across a Macy's catalogue today in the mail, I decided to get my sick ass out of bed and go buy some pots and pans. So I did. The sales guy must have thought there was something wrong with me because one by one I would stack up boxes on the counter in a very mechanical fashion without any help and without even saying a word.

In my time I've had my share of apartments to furnish and each time I have purchased certain items more out of familiarity than out of actual preference (ie- that's what my mom had when I was growing up), which is somewhat strange cosidering that I've always done a fine job of giving my mother heart attacks when it comes to my interior decorating. But even so, I know that I should always buy cutlery like so, flatware like so, glassware like so, and dinnerware like so. The pots and pans have to be a certain brand and I need lots of baking stuff because there is no life without Pyrex. Basically my mother's mini-me is in the Matha Stewart part of my subconscious.

So I get to the plates and I find this shelf with a really fun selection. This time around I thought I'd go pick colorful plates to go with my new colorful life. So I saw a nice display and went straight for it. It looked something like this.

But as I got closer I noticed the squared shaped plates. Next to the standard round plates. And I was like "whoa". I was completely taken aback by the fact that there were cool colorful squared plates next to the cool colorful round plates...those that my mother would certainly pick out. You know, the conservative ones. The ones that don't look like sushi plates.

I spent the next 20 minutes obsessing, all the while the sales guy was about to have a nervous breakdown thinking that I was going to drop one of them from hadling them so much (or maybe that I would infect them with my terrible cold by merely standing by them longer than necessary). Round. Squared. Round. Squared. Round. Squared.

My head started to hurt so I picked 8 settings of round plates. Halfway to the register though I was more like "no...the squared ones". Then the guy is putting them back and I was like "no. the round ones are the ones I need". The guy was getting annoyed but he obliged.

We are at the register, I am just about ready to pay and in one of those rare moments of clarity I was like "I like the squared plates. I want the squared plates".

I love my mother.

But I am not my mother and I am not about to turn into her just yet.

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