Monday, March 12, 2007

life or something like it...

I really hate that "runaway love" song by Mary J. Blige.

I think that if I was in the situation of those girls they sing about I would be horrified because it can't be very pleasant for a girl going through hell to hear some rich bitch say "I'll run away with you" when you know that she won't. Or some guy! Who is that guy anyway?

Fuck Y-100 for playing that song 8 million times a day...That's disrespectful to those less fortunate to say the least! I mean, put yourself in their shoes, and if you can't that's a bad sign.

Whatever though.

I am studying for my licensing test on Friday. I already passed one, so this is the second one. Cross your fingers for me.

I am loving my new apartment...and can't help to see the irony of who my first 2 guests were...despite the fact that I had asked a few different people to come over (those who are "closest" to me) my first guest was HWMNBN. And he invited himself over (in the middle of the night bearing chocolate) He also volunteered to do the "manly work" to be done on the place (ie- install courtain rods). Wow

(I can feel whatever about HWMNBN but I will, for at least a while, live in a place that has his makes me warm and fuzzy inside)

My first girlfriend over was Joan. She was a new person in my new place so abstractically speaking, it's like a new beginning.

Maybe 2 new beginnings. Hmmmm....

My friends from NY are coming this week and I am stoked.

I'll check in later. I'm busy...

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