Wednesday, July 04, 2007

I blow kisses

I know that friends aren't supposed to let friends dial (or email) drunk; but the other day I was distracted and so my response to "hey Annush can I have my phone?" on our drive back from Nikki Beach to his place of residence was "here you go" and tossed the phone back in his general direction.

Friend called a girl he had been talking to who left him for a "Cuban who works at Pollo Tropical". He went on and on and on about God knows what and then ended it by calling the girl a whore for kissing the Cuban on their first date.

Vilma and I who were attentively listening to the conversation were like "whaaaaaaat?"

(I should also clarify that all these people are 25+)

So we waited until the girl hung up on him -which didn't take long after that- and we asked him for an explanation for such a stupid statement.

According to him, someone who kisses you on the first date is only trying to get in your pants. That a guy who respects you will get to know you before they go for the kiss. And he went on and on and on about that and then I blocked him out because I believe that a kiss is a way to show affection and that should you feel the urge to kiss a stranger or someone you like enough to be on a date with, you should because in my experience kissing is good :)

[I want someone to give me a kiss!]

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*-. aliCe .-* said...

don't we all [want someone to give us a kiss] ... jeje