Friday, September 21, 2007

"If I did it..."

Everything is the result of something, which was at one point the result of something else. Cause and effect. What goes up, comes down. Sometimes I blame people for things. Things that were done TO me. Things that maybe hurt me. Things that are affecting me somehow. Sometimes I call on it the person doing it and say “hey! What are you doing to me?” and very rarely do I think “what weird turn did I take to be on this path? ” when the honest truth is that a lot of the time what I am experiencing is nothing more than a reaction.

But it goes both ways. It’s not just about the bad, but also about the good. There is such a thing as giving someone too much, or doing too much good. Although too much good will score you high on the positive karma points scale, it won’t score you any points with those around you, or worse: It will push you away from them.

Sometimes our imperfections are more endearing than any heartfelt desire or even attempt to be a better person…and sometimes you win but this is one of those times when even when you win you lose…

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