Monday, October 01, 2007

A prisoner.

I finally bought furniture. It took me a while, but I have managed to fill my living space with stuff I didn't think I needed but that now I wonder how I ever did without.

So much for being a minimalistic hippy!

It's been a weird week and is only Monday.

Yesterday I asked myself when does it end. Today I wonder if God has something against me. I am almost afraid to go to sleep because I can't even imagine what will come to me tomorrow. But tomorrow is my mother's birthday and regardless of what happens I'll be happy on her behalf.

I feel a little bit weird getting personal on this blog these days. Although for a long time this has been a safe haven for me to write relatively freely having to worry of nothing but hate mail from strangers, it seems like this is becoming a saftey hazard. ` Years after I started writing, my blog has become the hangout of people I know who I would much rather keep at an arms length.

Needless to say, I have become weary and yet I refuse to stop writing. This time around I think that I will simply ommit certain topics in the hopes that "it" will go away. Most would think this is hypocritical on my part; however, it's probably the best thing to do even for myself. Sometimes I deal with things as I write about them...maybe I'm better off not dealing with them at all.

I mean really...if I must deal with them I better do so with tight white lingerie and not here...hahahaha


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Dahlia said...

hey Annush, long time no read. I was just posting old entries onto my current blog and thought I would see if you were still writing (it's Dag, or Dahlia, whichever you remember!). I am glad to see that you are. I too had some problems with unwanted people reading my blog, so I changed the address. Nothing else changes and you can give the new one only to people you want reading it. Just a thought!