Saturday, April 26, 2008

In <3 with Home Depot.

I love Home Depot. It is my firm belief that within that store, a person can find character. Over the years, I have gone to a number of their Do-it-Yourself seminars and have learned tons from their knowledgeable sales people. I think that it takes a certain kind of person to like Home Depot.

This morning I went to the nursery there. Among other things, I grow my own herbs and salad in one of the balconies of my apartment and I was in need of some bigger pots and some potting soil. While I was there waiting in line, there was a couple in front of me. I don't know why it was that they reminded me of a picture I saw once of Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey at a Home Depot.

Anyway, I started thinking about the picture and I thought that the next man I go out with has to be someone who embraces the "you can do it, we can help" mentality. A well-rounded man who can help take care of his home.

Practical skills are really underrated...

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Gabemaster said...

Have you seen the movie the Family Man, with Nicolas Cage and Tea Leone? This post reminded me of a line Tea Leone says in that film. If you haven't seen it, check it out. I think you'll like it. :)