Friday, June 06, 2008


Today unemployment rose to 5.5.%.

Today I went to put gas in my car, and overnight it went up two cents ultimately rising to $3.95.

Everyday I read the news looking for good news, and this is the kind of stuff I find. Then I begin to worry about the children in Somalia who are not eating, and the ethanol being put in my car. So I begin to obsess, and worry, and try to find ways to be better when it comes to money management, and transportation, and my green-quotient.

I think that the only positive thing I can find in this is that because need is the mother of invention and I never have been short in ingenuity, I have become creative about existing. I know that some people do much more but still for someone like me, this level of commitment is astounding! Like now I can make an entire meal out of the stuff I have growing in my balcony and I make my very own cleaning supplies and candles, buy in bulk...

Sometimes I read the news and I feel so lucky (to the point it makes me feel guilty) that I have a good stable job I like, and a home I can afford, with food on my table and gas in my car. But it's hard not to worry if it's going to get worse so I have started to make changes in my life because a) it's good for humanity b) I have to learn to do more with less because waste is a terrible thing!

I am not that old, but I get the feeling that the world is changing. That every horrible, challenging thing going on in the world today is part of this huge lesson we have to learns as a species. So I am trying to do my part...make life simpler. Go bake my pie and go back to basics.

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Gabe said...

Sitting at home with a good quality bootleg of the latest Indiana Jones movie..right when I was about to press play on the remote, I decided to come here :)

Time to catch up ......

Sometimes it helps to think that no matter how bad we have it, there is always somebody in a much worse situation. Is a great feeling when one can say that life is good and we are doing our part to help our environment and others. After all there are many out there without the luxury of being able to.