Monday, August 18, 2008

Blown away!

So there is a hurricane coming. This so called "hurricane" is barely even a category 1, if that, but everyone in Miami seems to think that the world is going to end. Not even while living in Dominican Republic did I ever hear "hurricane preparedness" like I have in the past 36 hours. And I know better. But just in case, I went "hurricane shopping". I bought salmon, wine, an obscene amount of Perrier and pita bread.

Fay better not get bad...or I'll be pissed (and hungry).

The only disrupter to everyday life I am willing to deal with, is my crazy wind chime and only because this is something I have to deal with if there is so much as a light breeze blowing in my general direction.

I started writing another blog that was meant to replace this one. I thought that maybe if I wrote somewhere else I would be closing the book on who I was and would be reinventing myself personally.

It takes more than a blog apparently.

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