Friday, August 01, 2008

you will see. you are just like me.

I stopped writing. Again.

I hate setbacks...the flaw in the plan....

But I am back again. I hope.

It's Friday night and I am home making a Muxtape. I suppose there are better/worse ways to spend a Friday night, but I like this. I want to chill and let this week just pass. I don't want to give it much more attention because this week has been full of tests and quite frankly, I am trying to block it out.

Honesty sucks. But I am the most honest person I know- at least in regards to other people and things. Needless to say, this hasn't earned me too many brownie points. This week though I've had to be honest to myself about some pretty serious things and it's sucked but it's all been for the best. I know it.

I am starting my MBA in 2 weeks and I'm psyched. As of then, I'll really have no life. But it's okay. I am counting on this to give me a change in get me out of this existential slump. It would be nice to be able to appreciate the little things life offers me, without still feeling like I lost the best part of it all!

If I can't be who I was during all of it, I'd like to at least be able to remember who I was before.

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Reda said...

Listening your muxtape... and liking it.

MBA? good! any concentration?