Thursday, January 28, 2010

RIP J.D Salinger

Three years and a month ago, I moved to Miami in the pursuit of true love.

Two years and 10 months ago, that "love" went to shit.

Two years and 1 month ago, this "love" he felt was given elsewhere.

One year and seven months ago, I started my MBA to try to remember who I was before this love that nearly killed me.

In three weeks I finish my labor of self-love with nothing more (aside the accomplishment) than a bunch of scars [deep in my heart] to remind me of this love that was so great it hurt me.


I moved to Miami from NYC three years and one month ago. At that point I decided that this was where I needed to be. After all the tribulations, it was necessary that I stayed here to finish my MBA. This was my North. The goal, the purpose, the reason. And almost eighteen months later, this is where I am and where I am slowly but surely becoming certain that I need to leave.

Fate is a powerful thing. My mother always says that "cuando algo esta para ti hasta el universo se compone" (That translates [loosely] to when something is meant to be for you, even the universe makes it so). I think she read this in some book…

Anyway, Lately I've been seeing myself in other places, seeing other things, fleeing to the imaginable…and a few days ago, I got a sign.

As if this sign wasn't enough, I got another sign.

And then I got a most obvious sigh in the form of the most clear of all statements.

(I can't elaborate on the details)

The fact is, the time has come for Annush (soon to be) MBA, to leave Miami. And for once, I'm not the only one who thinks so. The circumstances are good, the heart is willing and more than that, it is time for me to reinvent myself.

This is exciting.

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