Friday, January 22, 2010

Give until it hurts

Of all the lessons my mother has thought me, those she swears are stored "somewhere in my hard drive" , is one she herself has learned through experience and was better worded by Mother Theresa: Give until it hurts.

I am Dominican by blood and anyone who knows a bit of history knows that Dominican-Haitian relations have been less that perfect…

But everything has a limit. All things end. It seems like this time it took a disaster to bring this to an end…

It may have been the proximity, or the scale of the disaster but this terrible thing changed me somehow. And unfortunately, I can't be there to help- though I don't know how I could. And this kills me. So since I can't do anything else, I have been giving my money to different charities. Today I have begun to give until it hurts. I am watching Hope for Haiti and I have pledged an additional up to $20 for everything "I like".

Every time I give my debit card number I feel good but I know there is one less thing I can do, or one less thing I can buy. But I also know that maybe that money will make someone's life better somehow and it justifies "my sacrifice". And it's ironic because my little financial sacrifice will never even compare to what any particular person in Haiti is going through right now, but this is my little grain of salt.

The smallest donation can make a huge difference. Make yours.

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