Friday, January 07, 2005

The more I know people, the more I like dogs.

New York, January 7, 2005

In the movie Frida, there is a scene in which Frida asks Diego if he can be loyal. His response to that is yes and then he proceeds to f*ck everyone in sight including her own sister, thereby breaking her heart over and over again. By the time she dies though, Diego is the only who is by her side.

What does that say about people? What does loyalty really mean?

loyal (according to
adj 1: steadfast in allegiance or duty [ant:
disloyal] 2: inspired by love for your country [syn: patriotic] [ant: unpatriotic] 3: unwavering in devotion to friend or vow or cause

I suppose that loyalty may be a bit much to ask of some people even if they say they love you, althought it's something some people have engrained within. I think that over love I would take loyalty any day.

There once was this girl whose heart was broken over and over again by a guy who couldn't be loyal. In her life she had the loyalty and devotion of someone else who happened to be in love with her. While she was in love with someone else, she wasn't loyal-or even faithful- to him, but then she went back to him because the other guy left her with nothing and because Mr. Loyalty let her. In my book, that's a really shitty thing to do. She is to Mr. Loyalty like Royal Asshole was to her. Quite unfortunate really. What's more, I am certain that if you can't be loyal to your significant other (no matter how insignificant they might be), you can't be loyal to your friends. Now THAT is really unfortunate.

Today is Enrique's going away party and it promises to be a test of my last minute party planning ability. So far we have like 2 guests, but I figured that Enrique's friends will step up to the plate and make this gathering a memorable experience for him. Otherwise, I will have to put aside for one night my non-drinking resolve and show my loyalty to him by drinking a few too many vodka flavored drinks.

I read in Fico's blog about social apartheid in the DR and it dawned on me that there are over a million Dominicans living in NY and yet all the Dominicans I know and hang out with are those I used to know in DR. That's really sad. We are becoming like the Dominicans in Barcelona: same groups of people in a different location. Then people wonder why I don't hang out with Dominicans!

My beloved Marc Jacobs is messing with my head again. can somebody explain to me just how it is that a denim skirt and a matching jacket could posssibly cost US$600?? what's more, can somebody explain to me why it is that I am still considering buying it??

I am so glad today is friday!



Chokomokolatura said...

Not to excuse Mr. Rivera but I think you have it wrong...if I'm not mistaken he promised to be loyal, NOT, faithfull...two completely different things that can blend within their blurry lines.. he kept his promise in a way, he was loyal, and not faithfull as he warned her he wouldn't be...I will agree tho', fookin Frida's sister was just plain wrong..OJO!! it takes two to Tango..

Gabs said...

Oh so sorry. Of course. semantics. I'm sure if Frida had clarified that what she really meant by 'loyal' was that he keep his dick in his pants, then Diego would have happily obliged, and then actually been "faithful". She just had to clear it up for him!

Chokomokolatura said...

errrr I'm not saying his way was the right way. But Frida new his reputation to shag any ass with two walking legs...He told Frida, I'll be loyal but not faithfull..and you can take it or leave it...Frida took it and until the whole episode with her sister she pretty much dealt with it alright..she was no angel either..

moraleja: si el pana te dice, yo no te voy a dejar pero te voy a pegar cuernos porque soy asi. Y si tu dices, ni modo..eres asi vamos a arriba, entonces peinate para que te queden mejor los cuernos..porque ellos venian porque si...

annush said...

What's wrong with you?? If you are loyal tosomeone you don't want to hurt them!!
I think Frida's reasoning after that was "if you can't beat them join them".
He should have learned his lesson when that chick who had fucked them both told Frida "you were better than your husband".

Chokomokolatura said...

no no no no...lets hold people accountable for their own actions...if you were dating someone and he flat out told you "I can't be faithfull", you have 2 choices, 1-you say I'm sorry, I need commitment and walk way, OR, 2-you say "let's go ahead.."

It was low to fuck Frida's sister, but to Diego's eternal credit he was a straight away shooter and laid it on the line BEFORE they took the next step together which was marriage.. Frida may the choice and lived with it..

annush said...

you know, you suck :P

Chokomokolatura said...

Yes I suck, it's called 4play :P