Monday, January 10, 2005

Under the right lighting everyone is a hottie :)

One would think that living with an italian person I would decide to practice my Italian, but nooooooooo...sometimes I wonder about myself. Really.

Enrique's bon voyage party was an absolute success considering that it was planned the whole of 24 hours in advance. Most of the people we invited showed up and then some. The casualties were only a wine glass, my carpet (again!!), and then a girl-she who dared bad mouth Hillary. In party planning standards, that was good. As a matter of fact, it was so good that it took me the entire weekend to recover.

He aqui los tres que tiraron a Pedro al pozo!

For more pictures, please go to my pictures.

But what kind of a world is this that you wake up on saturday morning to see on the cover of the New York Post the headline that Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston split up? I mean, I understand that in the world of celebrities that is huge news; however, it pisses me off to think that in a world full of tsunamis, famine, epidemics, etc, the only thing that the fine people at the Post will consider putting on their front page is the downfall of the Pitts. What is that? Luckily, I wasn't in the mood to think much Saturday and I went back to bed. Like I said, it took me the entire weekend to recover. Yesterday, I slowly but surely showed the resolve to get dressed and go outside to at least look at the outside world, and by last night, I was okay. Though by then I am pretty sure that I gave more money to Blockbuster than I have in months (but we should thank Margherita for that). So anyway, I wake up this morning and there is this very lively discussion on Z100 about how there is an ad looking for a stand in for Nicole Kidman. Apparently someone actually thinks that they can find another strawberry blonde who is 5'10" and 110 pounds. I mean really... although it is kind of sad that the only reason they would address this in such a public forum is that we live in a fat world where body types like that are extremely rare, it is kind of refreshing to know that the hope for bodies like this to exist is still alive. In any case, I insist that real beauty comes from within. I like the billboard that was on Times Square for a while, that had the wrinkly old lady. She looked happy and fulfilled.

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